Fantastic Five Booster Bonus

Celebrate this week with free Bonus every time you add cash (after the first time), on RummyCulture. Bonus means you get up to ₹1500 extra bonus with every add cash.  You can avail Bonus unlimited number of times on RummyCulture, and it doesn’t require any coupon code.

*Exclusive offer*: Up to ₹1500 Bonus + ₹200 Instant Cash 

Yes! Now you will also get Instant Cash of up to ₹200, on top of the extra bonus of up to 50%. While you can enjoy Bonus lifelong for every add cash, the Instant cash offer is only valid when you add cash for the second time.

Bonus & Instant Cash Validity

Bonus: Please note that Bonus is applicable only from the second deposit, for all deposits lifelong. When you add cash to your account for the first time, you get Welcome Bonus of up to ₹5250 (know more).

Instant Cash: Instant cash is applicable only for second deposit. So second deposit onwards you will only get bonus amount as mentioned in the below table.

Here’s how much you get on adding cash for Existing users:

Add cash amount Free Bonus Bonus up to Instant Cash(Only for 2nd Deposit) Free entry to 2.5L Tournament
₹500 to ₹999 50% ₹500 ₹100 No
₹1000 to ₹1999 50% ₹1000 ₹100 Yes
₹2000+ 50% ₹1500 ₹200 Yes

*Minimum Add cash amount at RummyCulture is ₹500


  • Deposit any amount between ₹500 and ₹999 and get 50% Bonus (up to ₹100) for lifetime. Get one-time Instant Cash worth ₹100.
  • Deposit any amount between ₹1000 and ₹1999 and get 50% Bonus (up to ₹600) for lifetime. Get one-time Instant Cash worth ₹100.
  • Deposit amount above ₹2000 and get 50% Bonus (up to ₹1500) for lifetime. Get one-time Instant Cash worth ₹200.

Terms & Conditions

  • This Offer is valid only for the repeat deposit made by players on RummyCulture. The first time deposits qualify for Welcome Bonus
  • The Instant cash is applicable only for 2nd-time deposit whereas the extra bonus will be applicable for 2nd-time deposit and onwards
  • Validity: The offer is valid only till 5th Feb 2019.
  • Offer value: Bonus amount up to a maximum of value when a player Adds Cash between the price range (Refer to the table above)
  • E.g. 1: If you add ₹ 500, the maximum bonus that you will be eligible for is ₹ 250
  • E.g. 2: If you deposit ₹ 2000 & above, the maximum you will be eligible for is ₹1500
  • Minimum cash to be added for availing the offer is ₹ 500. Maximum Bonus amount is ₹ 1500
  • Claim Period: The Bonus must be earned (disbursed) within one month of adding cash during the validity of the offer
  • Bonus money from only one offer will be released at any given time. If bonus from any other offer (like Welcome Bonus) is being used, the bonus from this offer will be credited only after the completion of first offer
  • Disbursement of Bonus: It will be disburse after each game that you play on For instance, if you add ₹ 2000 to your account, you are eligible for a total Bonus of ₹ 1000. You will start receiving your bonus right after your first game. The bonus will be 10% of what you have played for an aggregate entry fee of the cash game. For example, If you entry fee of game is Rs 100 that you have chosen to play the bonus will be Rs 10 that will be credited as chips . Once you play for another ₹ 100 entry fee game, we will credit the second Bonus of Rs 10 to your account.  Hence, followed till a maximum of ₹ 1000 Bonus has been added to your account.
  • One Account: One player can have only one account on If multiple accounts are detected, consequently the entire amount on all accounts will be cancelled.
  • The Terms of Service are applicable to all services offered on RummyCulture. Any violation of the Terms at any stage may result in disqualification from receiving the bonus. Other action by RummyCulture as may be deemed necessary as per the Terms of service.
  • The Offer may be withdrawn by RummyCulture at any time.
  • You can also Read our Privacy Policy for data security related queries.

For any Query please write to us at