4 Indian Rummy Hacks You Should Use Now !

4 Indian Rummy Hacks You Should Use Now

The subcontinent has had a strong Indian rummy offline culture, which lasted for many centuries before going online with the advent of the digital age. Indian rummy is said to be a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy, it is also referred to as the 13 Card game. The reason for this is that every player of Indian Rummy is dealt 13 cards at the beginning of the game. The Indian rummy game has three well-known variants, namely Pools Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy which can all be played on RummyCulture round the clock.

The best part? Indian rummy games have been classified as ‘skill based games’ by the Supreme Court of India, giving players a much-needed impetus. The implication of this is that no matter which level of player you are, you can safely take up rummy because practise is what will make you a better player, not relying solely on the luck factor. As a player, you should continuously aim to expand your knowledge of the ins and outs of Indian Rummy so that you implement better strategies while playing. Keeping this in mind, here are some cool hacks that every Indian Rummy player should take note of.

4 Indian Rummy Hacks to Make You a Better Player

Check out these Indian Rummy tips and tricks which will elevate your gameplay instantly.

Keep a Constant Eye on the Discard Section

This is an irreplaceable tip which every player of Indian rummy must follow. Understanding the cards which your opponent is discarding will give you a clearer idea of what is the sequence or set they are trying to build. Knowing this information is invaluable because you can determine how to navigate the game or to turn it in your favour. It will also be an indicator to you whether to continue with the game or to drop it. In any case, the discard pile is a mine of strategic information which you should take advantage of in every game. Make this a habit from the next game you play and you will notice that with time, you will become a superior player.

Observe and Understand Your Opponent

Every Indian rummy player has a signature way in which they approach the game. Once you have figured out which kind of player you are up against, it is only a matter of time before you can veer any game to be favourable to you. A simple example is that of an intellectual player, who is the most likely to drop the game at the first hint of being convinced of losing it. When you are playing against an intellectual player, you must aim at bluffing in a way that assures them that you have a great hand. 

Don’t Play When Emotional

It is many an Indian Rummy player’s experience – when their emotions are running high, their gameplay is not on point. If there is one thing that a rummy player needs on their side, it is sharpness and presence of mind and this is not the case when emotions blur one’s thoughts. This results in poor decision making which will definitely affect your game negatively. So the next time you are very angry, sad or upset, stay away from rummy and instead calm down before approaching any game.

Choose your Game Wisely

Understanding what kind of a player you are and what is your level of skill will let you choose the format of Indian Rummy that best suits you. In any case, you must take the time to become proficient at one type of variant before moving on to the next. Also, if you are an amateur, then staying away from the high stakes tables would be the best thing to do, until you are more confident.

We welcome you to register on RummyCulture and explore all three variants of rummy. Connect with our vast network of players, enjoy bonuses and superior customer service anytime by choosing the better rummy platform, RummyCulture!

3 Indian Card Games to Enjoy with Your Family

3 Indian card games to enjoy with your family

Indian Card games are a great way to spend time with your family. They help to tighten the family bond and also constitute as a great idea of entertainment.
Online rummy is one of the most popular card games that is based solely on skill. Apart from this, it is completely legal to play. And, Yes, there are many trusted websites like Rummyculture who give the real prize to their winners.
There are millions of Rummy fans who play online rummy on a daily basis. Many players in this skill based game have won a large amount. You can also get cash for free tournament games.
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Learn how to play these 3 very popular Indian card games with your family:-

Rummy: Rummy is the first in our list. Rummy is a game that is traditionally played in Indian families. This is a great way to communicate and socialize with your friends and family.
You only need a deck of cards and you can play with your friends. You can also play rummy online at rummyculture and have twice as fun – You can play rummy on mobile devices as well.
Teen Patti: Teen Patti is the Indian version of poker that is as exciting as other card games. The rules of the game are really simple. Teen Patti purely comes under the concept of betting. You also have the option to enjoy the game on your mobile devices.
Poker: Over the years, poker games have gained popularity in India. To play poker, you will need a deck of cards and some chips to represent your condition.
Poker is also an exciting way of interacting, socializing and bonding with your friends and family. There are online versions of games where you can learn and play games with online players.
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Three Easy Ways to Make Money Online in India

Three easy ways to make money online in india

The nowadays mobile and internet is fast growing in India. Everyone uses a smartphone. “make money online
Now, Online money earning games in India are much in demand and often Indians want to know as for where to play these games. You can play and earn online right sitting at your home or office and all you need is an internet connection, PC or laptop or mobile or tablet to play these games. All you need to do is use your spare time and make some extra cash.
You just need to watch big dreams and earn cash, start playing at prestigious online casinos or sites that start making real games. If you are a young man or do not have any skills, then you can easily earn without investing.
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Make Money Online: Here are few of the online sites:-

Rummyculture: RummyCulture is the most exciting online rummy website for rummy enthusiasts. It is the perfect place to play rummy. Anytime, anywhere. All you need is a smartphone or a computer and Internet connection.
At RummyCulture, you will find the most attractive welcome bonus package (First Deposit Offer). Yes, get 100% Free Welcome Bonus+Free Rs 200 Instant Cash. Bonus Up to Rs 2000*.
Dream 11: It is an online game that allows users to create their fantasy teams of cricketers playing a particular tournament, and you earn points depending on how your chosen players perform in the actual matches.
This is a place where you can earn real money on a daily basis by playing online games. Compete among other users to win some exciting cash prizes.
Game Show Network ( GSN ): Game shows network is a good site that gives you the prize for playing online games. You must be at least 13 years old to register for a GSN.com account. You must be at least 18 years old to buy extra tokens for betting within GSN Casino and to be eligible to redeem Oodles for awards, sweepstakes, and auction within the GSN Award Center.” Make Money Online”.
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How Online rummy has impacted the social and economic life ?

How Online rummy has impacted the social and economic life

Online Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India, and its 13 cards are the most played option. It is usually played between 2 to 6 players, where each player has to draw and discard a card in return unless the 13 cards make the sequence in the set. “Social and economic life
In this 21st century, the world is online, and credit goes to digitization. Online gaming is one of the fastest growing industries today. In this digital world, maximum people are playing online games through their mobile, PCs on the Internet.
If you want to play an online rummy game before five years ago, then this is not possible, but today you can play rummy card games anywhere and anytime with the player’s choice around the world.
According to the time and technology, people changed the style of play. Because the game has a high demand, therefore online rummy game development companies have also increased.

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Online Rummy has influenced the social and economic life of the players:-

Avoid carry board game:
Today, online rummy has proved to be among the people of your boredom because it is available to play on both the web and the mobile. You can get rid of the board chart.
Bonding players across the country:
It helps you to engage people across the globe, This game is available 24*7 that the people get to connect to their peer players at any time anywhere. You don’t have to depend on someone and you get an opportunity to interact with the different player and to know them.
This game offers regular tournament, Welcome Bonus, cash back etc. most of the player play this game due to the attractive and priceless offers. People can earn part-time income by playing rummy games.
Improve your concentration: While playing rummy, you should focus not only on the cards you have but also the cards left by your opponents. You must be very careful and think before leaving the card in Rummy.

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Is it Safe to Play Online Rummy ?

Is it Safe to Play Online Rummy

Play Online Rummy: Rummy Card Game is very popular in India. It is a skill based game and played for fun and entertainment. Nowadays, as everything is being digitized, Rummy has started to gain online popularity.
Safe to play rummy online – Since online rummy can be played for free and cash prizes are included, many people are trying their skills and learning new strategies.
Rummyculture offers a world-class gaming experience to play online rummy games! We enable you to play rummy online with real players in the most enhanced multiplayer gaming environment. Built on a secured platform, we ensure that you enjoy a seamless 24×7 gaming experience replete with wonderful features in the comfort of your home.
Just log on the Rummyculture.com website and play on your desktop computer or visit the site on your mobile devices to play rummy games on the go.
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Play Online Rummy – Read Some Important points below:-

Verify the reputed websites: As the number of websites offering 24×7 rummy games is increasing by the day, you need to check for their authenticity before you sign up with any one of them.
Secure Payment: Multiple payment options (Paytm, PayU, Cashfree, Instamojo) has been set by Rummyculture.com to allow its customers to choose as per their convenience. Also, they have a platform on which they run 24*7 support services.

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Different game variants: To keep the user interest upbeat and motivate the players to return to play time and again; reputed rummy sites offer different variants of the game for a diverse gaming experience. Also, playing different game variants will help the players hone their rummy skills thoroughly and get acquainted with their rules.”Safe to play rummy online“.
Easy Withdrawals: RummyCulture Brings to you Any Day – Same day Cash withdrawal. If the request is before 3 pm any day, Same day withdrawals will be processed within one day.
Best Offers: RummyCulture offers best offers for cash tournaments, players can play rummy on desktop/ laptop, mobile phone.
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Is it interesting to play online at Rummy site ?

Is it interesting to play online at Rummy site

Interesting Play Rummy Online: At present, India is the world’s fifth largest mobile app industry. You need a smartphone to play a mobile game with an Internet connection. You have to register for the mobile game after that you can download the game app.
Now, Online Rummy is increasing with almost all traditional card game players who go to the online platform to display their skills.
As soon as you have set up your account at a Rummy site, you can start playing free online rummy. Most Rummy sites have practice tables that allow you to have an idea about the game. In rummyculture, play free tournaments and earn huge cash.
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Read Some Interesting Points below:-

Online Rummy User Interface: Most Rummy Websites nowadays come with a clean user interface that helps players easily navigate through their favorite game variants. Every rummy game enthusiast’s first visit to a rummy website should be a cheerful one and therefore if a player is not a pro player, interactive tutorial videos should also be there so that he can learn the rules in limited time possible.
In addition, most websites have now added several languages that help players play and enjoy the game in their own language.
Rummy Variants:- Online rummy websites have an array of game options to choose from. An online rummy player can switch from pool to points to deals rummy whenever he wants and can play against multiple players at once opening multiple windows on his desktop.
Welcome Bonus: Most Rummy Platforms offer players with welcome bonuses at the time of registration and cash back deals on their first deposit with the website. It makes players not only to come back for more rewards but also to play cash games to win more awards.
Customer Support: when it comes to online rummy, a player is having multiple options to reach the support team and clear any issue related to gameplay.
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4 Tips to Become a Professional Rummy Player

4 Tips to Become a Professional Rummy Player

Professional Rummy: As you, all know that rummy is a skill based game. Before moving forward and implementing an advanced rummy strategy, you must have the basics of the game completely. Also, you need a computer, tablet or smartphone, and 4G or at least 3G internet connection.
The game has become much popular ever since the move to online gaming platforms. Most Rummy sites have practice tables that allow you to have an idea about the game. In rummyculture, play free tournaments and earn huge cash.
Indian Rummy isn’t about the cards, vibrant tables and bonuses; it’s a skin that we get into to explore the logic through numeric sequences of playing cards.
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Here are some points to become a professional Rummy Player:-

Think like a pro:
If you wish to ace this game, you need to develop the thinking skills of an expert player. Practice makes perfect, and experience is the best teacher. This explains everything. The more games you play, the sharper you get. Your efficiency is bound to show an upward trend if you play alongside professionals.
Reading your opponent’s mind:
Always remember as a professional to closely monitor the cards left by the rivals. This can sometimes be confused by players who have been picked up and abandoned by some players. The amateur players may sometime pick up the cards that are of less significance to them and may discard the cards that the opponent is dying for.
Promotions and offers:
Always offer a Rummy website that stays on a lookout for different offers or promotions. Most websites notify their users of the promotion via email. Taking advantage of those proposals, your account will be encouraged and you can get help to earn some extra money in the game.
Make the Right Choice:
When you pick cards from an open set, your opponents get an idea of the sequences you are attempting. Do not give anyone a chance to guess your strategy, or you will be at a loss.
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What is the role of Joker in Indian Rummy 13 card game ?

What is the role of Joker in Indian Rummy 13 card game

Indian Rummy 13 card game is played between 2 or more players.
Rummy card games have become an important part of our tradition and culture. Everyone knows Rummy games are very popular in India. It is played on many occasions such as weddings, night, parties, and many festivals.
The Joker is also called “Trump card” in Indian Rummy. This is a card that helps you create your sequence and sets it faster and declares itself as the winner.

Types of Joker:-

There are two types of joker in 13 card games. There is a Joker Card which is part of the card deck. The second is that a card which is also called ‘wild card’ and used as a joker. These two cards can be used to set and sequence in a rummy game.
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Important Things to Know About Joker:-

  • A joker can be used to create both sets and sequences.
  • One Joker card can only replace one card and not multiple cards.
  • If a player accidentally abandoned the Joker, then it can not be chosen by other players.
  • In Indian Rummy, once faced with all the cards, one card is faced in the closed card.

Some Points to use of Joker in the rummy game:-

Use with High-Value Cards: Simply begin with trying to use the Joker with cards of higher value. This will help in reducing your points.
Group Cards with the Joker: In the online rummy game, try to keep your Joker card in groups with other cards. This helps keep your points in check.
Discard cards close of Joker: You need to do this one quite carefully. Discard cards that are close to the wild card or the Joker card of the game. This will make your opponent get stuck as he will not want to waste his Joker to form a pure sequence. So, your opponent will not really be able to use your discarded cards.
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How to Play Points Rummy Games on Rummyculture ?

How to Play Points Rummy Games on Rummyculture

There are many advantages to taking up rummy and this is why the game has been around for so many centuries. So before getting into how to play rummy, we’re here to tell you why you should take it up as a hobby that gives multiple dividends. Apart from being a whole lot of fun to play, rummy has a positive impact on one’s brain function. Players are known to develop better organisational skills as a result of arranging cards in sequences or sets. Rummy players, over time, are also known to be able to recognise patterns and cues more effectively which lets them make better decisions in their professional capacities as well.

With all these benefits, playing rummy is certainly becoming more attractive these days, besides who can resist playing rummy to win real cash too? Also, these different skills can be honed and perfected with practice, giving you more reason to invest in getting better at the rummy card game. When it comes it the 13 Rummy card game or Indian Rummy, there are three versions which are well known which are, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy. Out of these, we will cover Points Rummy today so read on.

What is Points Rummy?

Points Rummy is a fast-paced variant of the 13 card game. It is a single deal game that is played for points that have a predetermined rupee value. One winner takes home all the cash at the end of the game upon declaring a valid show.

The value of the winning is the sum of the points of all the opponents multiplied by the predetermined value of the points in rupees, minus the rake. Points Rummy is played by anywhere between two to six players and usually uses two or more packs of 53 cards, which includes one joker per pack.

Points Rummy Rules

  • According to rummy point rules, every player brings a minimum amount to the table.
  • It is a system generated toss that determines which player gets to make the first move.
  • Every points rummy player is dealt cards each, randomly.
  • Once the first card from the remaining pack is placed in the open deck, it is an indication that the game has started.
  • The remaining cards from the pack are placed face down as part of the closed deck slot.
  • A joker is randomly selected at the beginning of every Points Rummy game.

The Rummy Points System

Drag and Drop


  • Players who drop out at the beginning of the game, also known as First Drop, will get 20 points.
  • Those players who make a Middle Drop or choose to leave the game before the game show is called by any player will get 40 points.
  • Any player who does not meld any cards when a show is called and instead opts to leave the game gets 80 points, this is known as a Full Count.



  • A player of Points Rummy has to discard a card into the finish slot in order to finish the game.
  • When a Points Rummy player moves a card into the finish slot, they must show their cards in hand after melding them into sets or sequences and should click on the ‘Declare’ button.
  • There is an allotted amount of time, within which every Points Rummy player should declare sets or sequences.
  • With the cards in hand, the player who finishes the game must have two sequences, out of which one has to be a pure sequence. The player also has to declare jokers in hand, for it to be considered a valid finish.

When you sign up on RummyCulture, you can explore Points Rummy for yourself and have a blast learning it. We give you the thrilling experience of participating in tournaments, availing attractive bonuses and the cherry on the pie, winning real cash! So join RummyCulture today!

Champions Are Made, Not Born

Champions Are Made, Not Born

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan
The great unexpected success of Michael Jordan has not come without innumerable failures and countless disappointments. One of the greatest disappointments of Michael Jordan was being cut from his high school basketball team during his last year.
Michael Jordan has always emphasized that his ability to play basketball like a champion. Life of Michael Jordan is a clear example of the fact that true legends are carried out of blood and sweat !
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Here is a list to become champion in the rummy game:-

A champion is a person who has earned the right and respect to be called a winner through an endless effort and desire to achieve a common goal.”

Arrangement of cards should be first:- Arranging your cards as per suites i.e. clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds are the fundamental approach every player should follow, and those who practice this are the ones who direct the ship.

Eyes on the neighborhood: Keeping a track of your opponent’s card is the oldest trick in the book. A well-kept track of cards can minimize the chances of your opponent’s win.

Use the joker wisely: Jokers are very important in rummy, so make sure you make full use of them. Always use the joker to complete a run or set of higher points. Avoid using a joker in a natural run unless it is absolutely necessary.

Know when to drop out: If you think you have been dealt a bad hand and that there is no way you can win, you can always choose to drop out of the game. This way, even if you lose some points at the beginning of the game, you will have fewer points to deal in the next hand of the game.

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