4 best cards games to play this Diwali

4 best cards games to play this Diwali

Remember those days from your childhood when Diwali meant family and friends coming
together and celebrating the great festival with delicious treats, firecrackers and a few
rounds of your favourite card game? Times may have changed and people may celebrate
Diwali a little differently today, but what hasn’t changed is the prevalence of playing cards on
Diwali night.

Truly, no Diwali is complete without some good, old fashioned rummy or teen patti. It’s not
just a source of great fun, but also a tradition in most Indian households. Before this Diwali, here’s a primer on 4 of the most popular card games that you cannot miss
playing with your family this season.


Perhaps the greatest card game of all time, rummy needs no introduction. While variations
abound, the most popular form of rummy is still the one we all grew up playing.

What makes rummy so popular is the ease with which family members can play the game.
The rules are also quite easy to understand even for newbies. One does not need to be an
expert in the game.

Not to forget, platforms like RummyCulture have made playing rummy online easier than
ever before on India most trusted rummy site.


Who hasn’t played UNO before? This classic card game has been a favourite for kids and
adults alike for ages. Ideally played between 2 to 10 players aged 7 or more, the game has
been known to be a great past-time and icebreaker.

Played with a specially printed deck, the game is an official Mattel brand for the last 3
decades. Originally developed in 1971 as a family game, its popularity among friends made
the inventor Merle Robbins make 5000 sets to be sold for profit.


Another fan favourite, Poker has been one of the most popular card games of all times,
giving close competition to Rummy.
If your friends are coming over to play cards this Diwali, chances are they specifically want to
play poker, such is the immense popularity of this game!

Since poker also involves a lot of luck, it’s been called a form of gambling. While this is
hardly a friendly moniker, this attribute also makes it a hot favourite during Diwali, as
gambling is supposed to be auspicious on Diwali.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian version of poker. The name derives from the fact that this game
involves three cards. It’s also known as Flush or Flash.

Just like poker, Teen Patti is also a Diwali favourite and ranks the highest when it comes to
card games to play this Diwali. The card order is from Ace to 2 (highest to lowest in that order) and the game is best played
between 4 to 7 players.

The dealer deals cards until everyone has exactly 3 cards. Players have an option to look at
their own hand or leave the cards face down. The former is called playing seen whereas the
latter is called playing blind. If someone chooses to fold, it means he forfeits the game and
can no longer win. Those who remain can choose to up their stake.

This continues until only 2 players are left in the game, of which the one with the best hand
wins. There are many more card games for Diwali that one can try, but we strongly suggest that
you try one of these four classics. Diwali comes once in a year, after all.