5 Best apps to keep in your Phone

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Apps are a necessity in today’s fast paced life, but our phones and our lives can only so much technological interference. That is why it is important to keep only the most relevant and useful apps in one’s phone and discard the rest.

Sounds difficult but is it? After all, not all apps are used regularly. No matter how important we feel some apps to be, the reality is that we can always count our best apps on our fingertips. So here is our list of the best 5 apps that must be present in your phone come what may.

Digital Payment Apps

After that night in 2017, India’s payment habits underwent a massive change. No longer are we required to carry a wallet teeming with bank notes. Our mobile acts as our bank on the go, and with technological innovations these payment apps are becoming more secure than ever before. So, whether is Paytm, PhonePe or Google Pay, digital payment apps are a necessity that nobody can deny. You can also use the BHIM UPI app or your bank’s own UPI app, but no matter what you choose, make sure this is one app that is always up and running.

Ecommerce Apps

Gone are the days when one had to stop by at the local market on the way back home every evening to buy groceries for the day, or take a few hours out every weekend to buy household essentials and clothing. E commerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart today offer a world of convenience at the tap of your phone screen. Whether is groceries, fashion or technology, nothing is too far away. The delivery timelines have also come down drastically, with some platforms delivering in a day and as little as under two hours flat! 

Messaging and Social Media Apps

It is extremely important to stay connected to our family and friends on a regular basis. The world is getting smaller, thanks to technology that has helped us connect with those who matter to us. At the same time, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have given people a way to connect with new people, make friends and even entertain themselves. In fact, social media influencers make tonnes of money by using their clout to help brands reach their audiences. Due to all these benefits, these apps definitely need to be in your phone.

Video Streaming Apps

One of the best things that has happened in the last few years has been the massive drop in data prices. Thanks to pocket friendly data packs, it is no longer a dream to watch high quality content on mobile. Video streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video have opened up a new world of entertainment for people. In fact, these apps are becoming so popular that many people prefer these over cable TV. In the present day world, watching your favourite shows and movies on demand is no longer a luxury, and that’s why your phone should have some of these apps for sure.

Gaming Apps

If one wants to experience true thrill and excitement of playing a real game anytime, anywhere, gaming apps on Android and iOS devices is the best solution. Not just kids but even adults have a wide variety of apps to choose from. RummyCulture is one such app that offers seamless online rummy experience to people 24×7. One can play for cash as well, and any winnings can be withdrawn instantly. We strongly suggest you download this app today and experience the fun for yourself!

Do you also have some of these apps on your phone? Let us know if there are more apps that we should be adding to this list.