5 Movies should see Every Rummy Card Lover

The rummy card game has been around for over five hundred years, at the very least. Since then, rummy card play has evolved from face-to-face to being played online thanks to the advancements in technology. It’s a great way of passing one’s time and is also a great social game. In India, where the rummy 13 card game is most popular, rummy has been classified as a ‘skill-based’ game by the Supreme Court and is a perfectly legal avenue from which to earn money.

The rummy rules of the card game are such that the more one plays the game, the better one gets at winning real money consistently. Another great pastime and passion of the people of India, other than card games, is movies. Indians enjoy watching them and appreciate good cinema, whether it is Bollywood, Hollywood or other film industries’ movies. And for those fans of card games and movies, we have a great list of must-watch movies that you should not miss!

5 Movies That Are Must-Watch for a Rummy Lover

Here’s a list of movies that every rummy card player, or even a card game lover, should definitely watch at least once.

Casino Royale

You cannot mention card game movies without talking about this blockbuster hit. This movie is part of the James Bond franchise and was released in 2006. Through a series of events, 007 finds himself in the unfortunate situation of having to play a high stakes poker game. The nail-biting scenes will have any card game lover sitting at the edge of their seat.


Back in 1971, when this movie was released, the songs were a phenomenal hit. The plot revolves around the protagonist, Raja, played by Dev Anand who is abandoned by his mother at a young age. He is then brought up under the tutelage of a ‘Master’ criminal, from whom he learns everything there is to learn about card games. Soon, he feels confident on his own and leaves the ‘Master’. From here on, Raja’s journey is a twist and turn of events which makes this movie a masterpiece.

Teen Patti

Amitabh Bachchan stars in the movie as an unsuccessful mathematician who has been turned down by multiple avenues. The reason is always sighted as the impractical nature of his mathematical theory. Not feeling discouraged, he searches for ways to make his theories relevant. He then works on his dissertation on probability to predict the results of the teen patti game and does it successfully. The movie was released in 2010 and if you love teen patti, then be sure to catch this one.

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This is a 2008 American heist drama, inspired by a true story of the MIT Blackjack Team, recorded in Ben Mezrich’s best-selling book, Bring Down The House. The story follows Ben Campbell, an MIT Math Major, who struggles to pay his $300,000 Harvard Medical School fee. Professor Mica Rosa, played by Kevin Spacey, can solve this problem with his equation. A team of six MIT students train to become experts at the card game and proceed to play at Las Vegas casinos and win millions.


Delving into what goes on behind the curtains of the world of high-stakes poker, this 1998 hit American drama stars Edward Norton and Matt Damon. The plot focuses on two friends who are in deep debt and want to make it out by winning big a poker. The term ‘rounder’ refers to someone who scouts cities to find high stakes poker games to play.

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