6 Traits Common To Online Cash Rummy Experts

Players of any game fall on a continuum in which, on one end is a regular player – the one; and on the other end is a veteran. Rummy is a sport as well. Thus its players’ level up from being amateurs to masters. So, what sets the two types apart? At RummyCulture, we bring to you traits which are common to skill online cash rummy players.

  1.   Hunger to learn: Many times, after playing for a considerable time, players develop a know-it-all attitude. This is where they falter. A common characteristic of masters of any sport is a strong desire to learn. A stable theoretical base makes up for a strong foundation for towering success. Going by this, online cash rummy experts make sure that they absorb anything and everything that they can. They are always learning new things and concepts.
  2.   Maintain a balance: Consistency is a fragile trait. Once it crosses the boundary, gaming may turn into an addiction. However, a skilled rummy player maintains a balance, even setting own cash limits. They know their limits and make conscious efforts to ensure that others don’t overrun them. They follow a schedule and play rummy only for a definite duration. They keep their offline and online lives separate and ensure that one does not hamper the other.
  3.   Fine observational skills: It is as important to focus on your game, as it is to follow how other players are plotting their moves. To excel in any sport, one has to be observant about one’s opponents and the surrounding environment. They have to understand the opponents’ moves to plan their next move. Rummy players have fine observational skills. They are like chameleons who mould themselves to match the personality of their opponents. They keep an eye on the skills and tricks others are using as a guide for their own moves.
  4.   Persisting patience: To play a game which makes use of the mind, it is easier to get caught in the clutches of anxiety and panic when the situation turns even slightly tensed. Players tend to become restless when they look at the unfavourable set of cards in their share. Experienced online cash rummy experts are mindful of the need to keep calm during the flow of the game. They realise that success doesn’t come easy and creating a scene won’t turn the game in their favour, which is why they patiently wait for the right time to strike a chord and set out to become rummy millionaires.
  5.   Organised: Be it about playing online or offline, skilled rummy players value their game. While playing offline with a real deck of cards, they make sure to stack them back in a neat pile. They follow a religious pattern while putting the cards back as well. They will first align all the cards facing down, separate the joker cards and shuffle the deck. Lastly, adding the joker cards to the top of the pile, they will immaculately align the cards.
  6.   Not a risk-taker: Amateur players are driven by the craving to test their luck in a bid to win handsome amounts of money. But with greater risk comes a steeper downfall. Online cash rummy experts make a note of this and don’t mind backing off when the game takes a risky turn. They are aware of their capabilities and aren’t convinced by testing their fearlessness.


We come to the end of the list but the list doesn’t end here because just as we have said, there is something to learn from everyone. Whether you’re a regular player or an experienced one, you know what will help you become a rummy millionaire. It’s a tough ride, my friend, but you’ll get there!