Differences Between Gin Rummy and the 13 Cards Game

Differences Between Gin Rummy and the 13 Cards Game

Many of us have grown up playing Indian Rummy, also known as the 13 Cards Game. There is a game version suited to every kind of player, depending on their proficiency and interests. However, Gin Rummy tops our list of clever variants of the game. Whether you are an amateur looking to get better at it or have won numerous games with friends and family, we are here to guide you through the nuances of the popular pastime. So, sit back and understand the ins and outs of Gin Rummy scoring, strategy, rules and exceptions, along with the differences between the two card game variants.

Do you have a game plan?

Besides cultivating a keen sense of observation of your opponent’s every move, you must also thoroughly understand the differences between 13 Cards Game and Gin Rummy. Read on for more details:

  1. One of the major differences between the 13 Cards Game and Gin Rummy is that while the former can be played by two to six players, the latter is played only by two to four players.
  2. The Ace card can be considered as either the first or 14th card in the 13 Cards Game. In Gin Rummy, it can only be used as the first card; besides, each player is dealt ten instead of 13 cards.
  3. Gin Rummy vs rummy card rules are different too. In the traditional form of the game, the face cards come with ten points each and the numbered cards award their possessor their face value. A player is required to make sets and sequences – the winner gets the sum total of the values of the cards that the other players were unable to meld into sets and sequences when he declared his winning combinations.
  4. Gin Rummy strategy is different in that a player can be declared victor either by going gin or knocking. To go gin, one must meld all his cards into valid sets and runs, thereby acquiring 25 points. To knock, you will have to combine most of your cards into sets or runs and your separated cards’ (termed deadwood) total value must be less than ten. After a successful knock, the difference between the deadwood points of the other players and that of the victor will be awarded to the latter.
  5. In the 13 Cards Game, each participant gets to be the dealer – the group of players randomly chooses one amongst them to be the dealer first, and the responsibility then falls on each player with every new game/dealing in a clockwise manner (with the first dealer taken as reference/a fixed point). In Gin Rummy, players pick a card from a shuffled deck – the one with the lowest value card gets to be the dealer.  
  6. In the 13 Cards Game, a player has to pick a card from the stockpile while also letting go of a card to the discard stack. If they choose to pick a card from the discard stash, they cannot put it down in the same go. In Gin Rummy, the non-dealing player can choose a card from the open pile or the discarded set first. If they pass up this chance, the dealer gets to choose instead. If both do not pick anything from either pile, the non-dealer must pick a card from the closed pile.

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