How Digitization Created More Rummy Players in India?

online rummy digitization

The card game of rummy in India had a great impact on the gaming life of Indians since it went online. In India, card games were being played during functions, get together, marriage parties, social gatherings, family reunions, etc.

Indian 13 card game is most played game across India. Rummy in India is usually played between 2 to 6 players where each player has to, in turn, draw and discard one card until the 13 cards form a sequence in sets. RummyCulture is one of the best sites to play Indian 13 card Rummy game online and offers highest cash rewards and bonuses.

First, you have to understand some basic rules after which you can play. It is a skill based game and played for fun and entertainment.

From the 120 million online gamers in 2016, the online gaming industry is expected to witness the growth in the number of online gamers to 310 million by 2021.

India: How Online Gaming Industry Created More Rummy Players:-

Early 2000

The entry of the online gaming industry to the Indian scenario dates back to the early 2000s when PCs and console games introduced Indians to the online gaming world. Over the years, by the end of the decade, many companies started looking at India as a potential gaming market.

Free & Cash Rummy Games

Nowadays, with free online rummy card games and cash games both available, online rummy players can enjoy playing for free and playing for lower amounts too.  Players can join the tables for free and earn real cash prizes.

Digital Payments

The increased adoption of making online payments has made playing online rummy very lucrative. The secure payment gateways ensures that the users’ money is absolutely safe.

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