Here is more about RummyCulture’s Lobby Features

Here is more about RummyCultures Lobby Features

Online rummy cash games have taken the Indian gaming industry by storm. The game of rummy needs strategy, sharp mind and tactics to make cash online. However, the real deal of playing rummy online is not just winning cash, it is also to enjoy the best rummy lobby experience to exhilarate your senses and make you perform your best. Monotony Kills Intelligence! And we at Rummy Culture understand this like no other. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can get started with Rummy Culture and what the online rummy lobby experience on Rummyculture has in store for you!

Step 1 – Register or Login

If you are a new user, you can register yourself on Rummy Culture in one click via Facebook or Google. Or you can provide your email address, mobile number and keep a password to register by clicking on the ‘Register and Play’ tab. You’ll get an SMS and an email confirming your successful registration. In less than 10 seconds, you get access to the Rummy Culture lobby. A random Display Name (nickname) will be assigned to you. You can change your Display Name by clicking on the Profile tab given on the top of the Rummy Culture homepage.

How to register to play rummy online

Easy way to register on our homepage

Step 2 – Welcome to Rummy Culture

The fun of playing rummy online on begins as soon as you register. You get a welcome pop-up on your screen that apprises you of the top features of Rummy Culture viz:

  1. Daily FREE tourneys of INR 1 Lakh prize money
  2. Instant Withdrawal of winning money same day
  3. Bonus cash rewards every time you win, add money or even practice
  4. On-call support from 10 am to 11 pm for hassle-free online rummy experience
  5. Rummy Culture is trusted by 12 lakh online rummy players in India

Step 3 – Cash Game or Practice

The welcome pop-up prompts rummy players to either directly hop on the online cash rummy games table by clicking on the ‘Cash Game’ tab or practice first by clicking on the ‘Practice Game’ tab. What sets Rummy Culture apart from even the best of the best online rummy websites in India is that the portal encourages its users to participate in the practice session first and then jump on the cash rummy tables. 90% of our players play rummy in the practice game lobby to gain experience and learn tricks of the game before they venture out in the online cash rummy lobby. Players get INR 310 real cash credit upon completing a practice session.

Step 4 – Practice Rummy Online

If you choose to practice rummy online, you are up for a 7-day challenge at Rummy Culture to master your gameplay. You can claim INR 10 on Day 1, and the cash credit increases to INR 100 by the time you return every day till Day 7. You can click on Claim to get started. This is where the real verification process begins. To claim your cash bonus, you need to verify your mobile number. As soon as you enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile number and it’s verified, you get a link to download Rummy Culture app on your mobile to claim the bonus. We provide an in app tutorial on “how to play rummy”. Just click on the right bottom icon and read through the suggestions.

Rummyculture lobby

Yellow boxes highlight Game selection (left), Promotions (Top), How to play tutorial (Bottom)

Step 5 – Play on Mobile or Desktop

The online rummy lobby on Rummy Culture is attractive and interactive at the same time. To experience the best of the rummy lobby on Rummy Culture, you must turn on your speakers or wear your headphones/earplugs. The sounds make the online rummy playing experience all the more engaging and thrilling. You get Tips on the top right-hand corner that help you get started with learning how to play rummy online.

Step 6 – Learn how to play rummy online for free

The rummy lobby presents four tabs – Cash Games, Tournaments, Practice and How to play. The how to play session guides you to sort cards and make the right sequences promptly. A hand symbol navigates you through the cards that can make a Pure sequence and asks you to Group them. It then teaches you how to create an Impure sequence by clubbing two or three running cards of the same suit, by substituting a missing card of the suit by a Joker. The practice rummy lobby helps you learn how and when to discard your cards and pick new cards from the deck to win the game.

Step 7 – It’s raining Cash Bonus

While you’ve spent just 10 minutes on the Rummy Culture website practicing online rummy, expect your mobile phone to buzz with great offers like INR 5250 Welcome Bonus and 30% extra cash lifetime when you download Rummy Culture app on your mobile. Or get up to INR5250 when you Add Cash for the first time.

Step 8 – Play online rummy for practice

Under the Practice tab, you can select the rummy variant of your choice and click on the Select Table tab. A pop-up window will appear where you need to click on the Play Now tab. Various online players join you at the practice table. You can begin by sorting your cards and move as the game goes ahead.

Step 9 – Play online rummy for Real Cash

Once you are confident of playing rummy online, you may join the Cash tables or tournaments. If you choose to play rummy cash games online on Rummy Culture, you can select to play from four variants of Indian Rummy viz

  1. Points Rummy
  2. 101 Pool Rummy
  3. 201 Pool Rummy
  4. Deals Rummy

Thousands of online rummy players are active on Rummy Culture 24×7. So you don’t kill time waiting for others to join a table. You can swiftly participate in the rummy game of your choice by putting in points as less as 0.5 to 100; or cash entry fee from Rs.5 up to 10,000. Once you Add Cash, you can see your deposit, withdrawable and total cash details in your dashboard.

Under the online rummy Tournaments tab, you will find the upcoming and ongoing rummy tourneys of the day as well as the completed lot. While the majority of tournaments have an entry fee, there will be some that are free. Thereby, you can participate in the free tourneys even without adding cash. The details of registration for rummy tournament, start time, number of players, entry fee and prize money are shown on each Tournament card.

Step 10 – My Games, Promotions, Referrals, Bonus, & Cash

At Rummy Culture you stay on top of everything with quick access under ‘My Games’ tab on the left corner to check the games you’ve played or will be playing. Similarly, you get information on relevant promotions under the Promotions tab on top of every page, along with information regarding credit for your Referrals, Bonus & Cash.

Enjoy playing online cash games in the rummy lobby of Rummy Culture to experience unparalleled gameplay. Welcome to Rummy Culture, ‘Online rummy ka asli culture!’

Rummy promotions from Rummyculture

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