How to get unlimited chips in Indian Rummy?

How to get unlimited chips in Indian Rummy?

Online rummy has disrupted the Indian mobile gaming industry. Today, millions of rummy enthusiasts are active on their mobiles and computers to play 13-card rummy game online 24×7. While established players have no qualms about playing rummy for cash, it is often the beginners who hesitate from putting the stakes. Most of the top rummy websites in India give free chips to play and practice rummy online, but these are often limited. There are many forums online that claim to hack these platforms and get access to unlimited chips. However, you don’t need to hack or cheat on Rummy Culture to get unlimited chips to play Indian Rummy online. We understand that you must master the game of rummy by practicing free rummy games online before you venture out for cash rummy games on Rummy Culture website or mobile app.

How to get unlimited rummy chips on Rummy Culture?

Every new user at Rummy Culture is entitled to 5 Lakh rummy chips under the “Practice & Learn” section. This is so far one of highest free rummy chips offering in the Indian rummy landscape. Beginners can take the ‘How to play rummy?’ tutorial to learn rummy rules, get acquainted with the RummyCulture interface and get started to play rummy online for free.

The “Practice & Learn” section on RummyCulture brings an enthralling online rummy experience where you play rummy with other players hailing from every nook and cranny of India. The interactive rummy table hooks you to the game. You can sort your cards with the click of a button, learn strategies from other players while honing your rummy skills.

For entering each table you have to give away free rummy chips. At RummyCulture, we follow three main rummy formats. The number of players and chips required to enter rummy tables for each format is as under:

Points Rummy – 6 Players – 10 chips for a point

Pool – 6 players – 250 chips

 Deal – 2 players – 250 chips

Remember, there’s no difference in the practice rummy interface and cash rummy interface, except that if you win or lose the game in the practice phase, you don’t win or lose cash, but your free practice chips.

If you win your free rummy game, the number of chips on stake are added back to your RummyCulture account. On the other hand, if you lose, the stipulated number of free rummy chips are deducted from your RummyCulture account.

At RummyCulture, we truly stand by our promise of providing ‘unlimited free rummy chips’ to our players. Though 5-lakh rummy chips is a huge repertoire to consume, however, if you happen to be an avid rummy player who happens to finish his/her initial 5-lakh rummy practice chips, you don’t need to worry as these practice chips get refilled as soon as they get finished.

Why practice rummy online by playing free rummy?

Playing free rummy online using practice rummy chips is the best way to get started with the Indian rummy online games. You can improve your rummy skills drastically in the practice phase without losing cash. We suggest beginners make use of their 5-lakh free rummy chips on RummyCulture before getting on to the rummy cash games.

During the practice phase, you will not only learn from your own mistakes but also learn strategies from others. You will have the liberty to leave any game, without losing a penny. Furthermore, at RummyCulture you can take part in various Rummy Tournaments for free to experience the true rummy thrill with rummy mavens aka pro-players.

Once you gain confidence in your rummy skills, you can start small with as less as Rs.25 and start your journey to becoming a Rummy Millionaire.

H3 – How to play free rummy online?

To play free rummy online with practice chips, you can register on for free or download RummyCulture app on mobile. Upon quick registration (where you don’t need to enter your card details), you will be assigned to a Username. You can change your Username from your profile. Furthermore, you will see 5-lakh practice chips in your RummyCulture account, along with welcome bonus, current promotions, referral reward points, and cash (if credited).

Get access to your 5-lakh free rummy chips today, and play free rummy online 24×7, round the clock!