How to Play 10 cards rummy

‘Don’t Follow the herd’ is something many of us must have heard at least once in their life. We all are different and that is what makes us special. The things that make us different is our preferences and our choices. Same goes in the case of rummy. While most of us like to play the 13 card game, some would want to explore other options like the 10 cards rummy game. However, the lack of knowledge is what stops us from taking that leap of faith.

10 cards rummy might not be as popular as the 13 cards game, but it has its own share of popularity and fanbase associated with it. With the help of the internet, you can finally learn and play the game from the comfort of your home. Now, you can not only learn about the 10 cards rummy but also can excel at it by becoming a consistent player at RummyCulture.

Guide to play 10 cards rummy

Here in this guide, we have listed down the crucial aspects you must know to become a pro at 10 cards rummy. Our guide has been drafted in a way that can be understood even by people who have never played rummy.

The Basics

Both 10 cards rummy and 13 cards rummy share a lot of similarities. If you know how to play 13 cards rummy, then this would be a cakewalk for you. If not, then this article would make it easy for you learn the 13 cards game. The 10 cards rummy needs a minimum of 2 players and can go to a maximum of 6 players. A dealer for the game is selected before the game begins.

The match starts with the dealers distributing 10 cards to all players, hence the name 10 cards rummy. Then, the residual of the deck is put on the table with the face facing downwards. Then, the dealer randomly chooses a card and determines its value as the wild joker. Following which, the dealer takes the top-most card from the residual deck and keeps it on the table, making it a discard pile. The players can either choose a card from the stockpile or discard pile, depending upon the kind of meld they are planning to form.

The Objective

The objective of 10 cards rummy is to form a meld either by forming a sequence or a set before other players do so. For you to become a good rummy player, you must know what is a sequence and a set?

When a player is trying to form a sequence, he is basically trying to form a group his cards in a particular order that belongs to the same suit. A group of 3 of Spades, 4 of Spades and 5 of Spades is a proper sequence. When a player groups cards having the same face value, irrespective of its suit that is when he melding a set. A group of 9 of Spades, 9 of Diamonds and 9 of Hearts is considered as a proper set. A player can also meld his cards by using joker or the wild joker. The first player to meld his cards would become the winner of that game.

Different from 13 cards Rummy

Unlike 13 cards rummy, here you are asked to form a pure sequence. Whereas, in traditional 13 cards rummy, you are required to form a pure sequence in addition to an extra sequence which increases the chance. One of the major reasons why people love playing 10 cards rummy is that you can end a game faster as opposed to 13 cards rummy. So quick are these games that you can squeeze one into your lunch break. While the maximum points that a player can score maximum -80 points in 13 cards rummy, maximum points a player can make in 10 cards rummy are -60.

The best rummy experience on RummyCulture

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