How to win online rummy tournaments?

How to win online rummy tournaments?

Rummy tournaments are the best arcades where professionals, as well as novice rummy players, try their hands to win big cash games amidst big entertainment. At RummyCulture, you can play both freeroll and cash rummy tournaments. Freeroll rummy tournaments on RummyCulture open the gateways of big cash tourneys free for players. If you have the right skills, you can win cash even in freeroll rummy tournaments.

Cash Tournaments, on the other hand, carry an entry fee starting from Rs.1/- and upwards. At RummyCulture up to 10,000 players can participate with an entry fee of Rs.1/- and participate in Rummy Mania every night at 9 pm. This tourney carries a cash prize of Rs.50,000/-, so improve your rummy skills and stand a chance to win this big money every night.

Hourly cash tournaments kick off at RummyCulture and players can get details about each tourney in the Games Lobby by clicking on the one they wish to play.

Online rummy tournaments bring the best in you as you play with highly skilled rummy mavens. These tourneys can be hour-long and need your full focus. It is not easy to win money online in rummy tournaments, and with the festive tourneys just up-and-coming on, here are the best tips from pro-rummy players to win online rummy tournaments and create more reasons to celebrate this Diwali!

Before you start playing for cash, it’s best to learn advanced rummy strategies with practice chips. Rummy tournaments are the playgrounds of pro-players, know that you need to match their skills to win cash.

  • Ace Pure Sequences

Master the art of forming pure sequences, as, without a pure sequence, you cannot declare. Your prime focus should be on forming a pure sequence as it is a win-win situation, either you form a pure sequence or you don’t get penalized with the sum of your card points if some other player declares

  • Use Jokers Wisely

Jokers carry the power to make you win in an online game of rummy. Except for the pure sequence, you can utilize jokers to form non-pure sequences/sets and declare before others. On the other hand, jokers also reduce your total points in the event other players declare.

  • Discard High-Value Cards

Neither hoard nor get hooked on creating pure-sequences with high-value cards. Discard high-cards first in order to decrease your points.

  • Be a Poker face

In the game of rummy, being a poker face helps. Do not let others read your mind or your hand. Preferably pick cards from the hidden deck, and grab from the discarded cards only if it’s game-changing for you.

This festive season, get ready for an enthralling rummy rush. Invest less & win more with RummyCulture tournaments! Pre-register at the RummyCulture Game Lobby now.