If you are a pro at chess, then rummy is also a game for you

If you are a pro at chess, then rummy is also a game for you

To the uninitiated, the games of Chess and Rummy may look at two entirely different worlds. 

The game of chess is a two-player game played on a black and white board with 64 squares in a grid of 8 rows and 8 columns. There are different pieces arranged in a specific way on the board when the game begins. There is no hidden information at any time and both players know the exact arrangement and view of the chess board. There is no element of luck in this game, and all the play is strategic in nature.

On the other hand, the game of rummy can be played between two or more players with a deck of 52 printed cards. There are four different suits with 13 cards each belonging to different ranks. None of the players are aware of the other person’s hand and there is no prior knowledge of which cards are kept in what order in the stock pile. There is a definite element of luck, apart from tactics and strategy.

Despite these seemingly glaring differences, what if we told you that a pro at chess can also be a successful rummy player? 

Read on to find out why we claim so.

Similarities between Chess and Rummy

While the manner of playing and the overall structure of the games are different, the following similarities are important to note for anyone who plays chess and wants to try rummy.


Both the games involve extremely high levels of skills and tact. Players are required to analyse the situation very carefully. Every move needs to be calculated and expected outcomes thought through. 

Rank and File

Both games have a system of different values for different cards or pieces. Chess has two Queens, two Kings and other high and low ranking pieces. Likewise, rummy has a deck of cards with four aces, four kings, four queens, four jacks and other lower ranked cards.


Unlike pure luck based games that always depend on the roll of the dice or the hand that’s been dealt, both Chess and Rummy involve a lot of focus and skill to win. That’s why practice makes one better in both the games.

Indian Connection

While there is enough reason to believe that chess originally started in India, as an evolved version of Chaturanga, even rummy has been rumoured to have Indian origins. In addition, both rummy and chess and incredibly popular in India.

How chess players can start playing rummy

Thanks to the advent of online rummy platforms like RummyCulture, which brings the world of rummy at your fingertips and allow you to play with other rummy lovers online, chess players can quickly learn and become an expert at online rummy. Visit rummyculture.com and enjoy a welcome bonus on signing up. One can also download the RummyCulture app and play rummy on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Just like chess, playing online rummy helps improve tactical thinking and strategic skills. In addition, rummy also enhances memory power, as one needs to remember a lot of in-game details. This is actually what makes it a step above chess, as chess does not really require memorising steps. 

RummyCulture also allows for detailed game analysis after every game, thereby helping players avoid repeating their mistakes in future.

What’s more, you could always play rummy for cash and earn a neat income by showing your rummy skills to the world. 

If these reasons don’t make you explore online rummy today, we don’t know what will. Check out RummyCulture today and enjoy online rummy at its finest.