4 Indian Rummy Hacks You Should Use Now!

Rummy Hacks

Offline Rummy was a household game for many centuries before going online with the advent of the digital age. Indian rummy is said to be a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. It is also called 13 Card rummy game as every player of Indian Rummy is dealt 13 cards at the beginning of the game. The Indian rummy game has three well-known variants, namely Pools Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy which can all be played on RummyCulture round the clock.

The best part? Indian rummy games have been classified as ‘skill based games’ by the Supreme Court of India, giving players a much-needed impetus. The implication of this is that no matter which level of player you are, you can safely take up rummy because practice is what will make you a better player. As a player, you should continuously aim to expand your knowledge of the ins and outs of Indian Rummy so that you implement better strategies while playing. Keeping this in mind, here are some cool hacks that every Indian Rummy player should take note of.

4 Indian Rummy Hacks to Make You a Better Player

Check out these Indian Rummy hacks which will elevate your game play instantly.

Keep a Constant Eye on the Discard Section

This is an irreplaceable tip which every player of Indian rummy must follow. Understanding the cards which your opponent is discarding will give you a clearer idea of what is the sequence or set they are trying to build. This information is precious because you can determine how to navigate the game or to turn it in your favor. It will also be an indicator to you whether to continue with the game or to drop it. In any case, the discard pile is a source of strategic information which you should take advantage of in every game. Make this a habit from the next game you play and you will notice that with time, you will become a superior player.

Observe and Understand Your Opponent

Every Indian rummy player has a signature way in which they approach the game. Once you have figured out which kind of player you are up against, it is only a matter of time before you can turn any game in your favor. For example – An intellectual player will most likely drop the game at the first hint of being convinced of losing it. When you are playing against an intellectual player, you must aim at bluffing in a way that assures them that you have a great hand. 

Don’t Play When Emotional

When your emotions are running high, your gameplay will suffer. If there is one thing that a rummy player needs on their side, it is sharpness and presence of mind and this is not the case when emotions blur one’s thoughts. This results in poor decision making which will definitely affect your game negatively. So the next time you are very angry, sad or upset, stay away from rummy and instead calm down before approaching any game.

Choose your Game Wisely

Understanding what kind of a player you are and what is your level of skill will let you choose the format of Indian Rummy that best suits you. In any case, you must take the time to become proficient at one type of variant before moving on to the next. Also, if you are an amateur, then staying away from the high stakes tables would be the best thing to do, until you are more confident.

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