Is rummy only for skilled players

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If you are a newbie rummy player, you would have already researched a bit about the game. Since you are just starting out, you would have surely read up a lot about rummy being a skill-based game and that the more skilled a player is, the higher the chances of that person winning. 

Surely, this could be disheartening to know, and you may want to stop trying to get better at it. However, let us clear the air. Yes, it is true that rummy is a skill-based game, but you do not need to lose heart. Remember, all skilled players were learners once. In fact, rummy is a great game simply because of the learning curve involved. With enough practice and focus, a new player can reach a good level of expertise with time. Also, rummy is among the very few online games which offer a lot of avenues for new players to learn and test their skills. 

Learning from articles and blogs

Before you even begin playing rummy, it would be a great idea to read up some of the rich, detailed articles available on websites like RummyCulture. You could also just do a Google search with your queries and the right results will guide you to a wealth of information about the game. It helps to know the basics of the game, but we also recommend that you read up all about the development and evolution of the game over the years. It sets the right context and helps one with nuggets of information about a game that’s going to keep you busy for years. Also, do read up as much as you can about the many variants of rummy and the rules governing each variant. This will help you select the one that’s perfect for you.

Learning via tutorials

A top platform like RummyCulture, among India’s most trusted online rummy website and app, also has a well-crafted tutorial to help beginners come up to speed with the rules and gameplay of rummy. These tutorials don’t just tell players how the game is played, these tutorials also make the player follow the instructions in an actual game of rummy. What’s more, these tutorials can be viewed as many times as required. These tutorials are also supported by a bunch of tips and tricks that surely help the players get attuned to the game faster.

Learning by playing

There is no substitute for practice. Indeed, after you have understood the theory from blogs and articles and gone through the guided tutorials for your first experience of rummy, it is a great idea to start with some practice games. These games will give you a good exposure to how players play the game and set you up for future success when you move on to play cash rummy games.

Rummy Professionals

Once the beginner days are over, players can choose to move on from practice rummy games to cash rummy games. These games typically ask for a very small entry fee, and winners get to take home significant winnings – all real cash. There are also a number of tournaments for those who want to be a little more serious about their game. 

Cash rummy offers a great way for people to make a side income, and some people even go on to take up playing rummy professionally. There have been a number of professional rummy players who have gone on to make a lot of real cash playing rummy. While initially, it seems difficult, those who persist and practice end up doing pretty well for themselves in this game.

To sum up, yes, rummy needs a lot of skills and experience to play at the highest level, especially when one plays cash rummy. However, the stepping stone to that stage is the beginner level, when lots of practice and training alone can help a learner become a professional.