What is the Link Between Rummy and Poker?

There are many theories about the origin of rummy – while some think that it was first played in Spain in the fifteenth century, still others think that it is derived from French poker. Whatever the case, one cannot deny the appeal of either card game. While both rummy and poker have many interesting variants to suit every player palette, it can often be confusing to follow its various complex rules. That is why we have compiled a list of similarities and differences between poker and rummy to help you choose what is best for yourself.

Poker or Rummy – Which is better?

Rummy has popular modifications like Indian Rummy or the 13 Card Rummy, Gin Rummy, Contracts Rummy, etc. Poker, on the other hand, is known for its most popular version, Texas Hold’em Poker. Read on to know more about the association between the two beloved card games:

  1. While rummy requires two to six players for a game, poker can be played with just two players.
  2. Both poker and rummy are games of skill, with the former being based on one’s ability to predict the opponent’s next moves and critical thinking, and the latter relying on observation and mathematical calculation.
  3. How to play rummy: In Indian Rummy, every player is dealt 13 cards that he has to meld into sets and sequences first to win the game. A player can drop playing, just like in poker – there are a certain number of points associated with this act depending on when, during the course of the game, it is done.
  4. How to play poker: A player must be confident that he has a winning hand to make a bid for the pot which contains all the money bet by players. One must also know when to abandon or fold their hand to save their money. In essence, a player must be able to form sets and sequences, just like in rummy.
  5. Both poker and rummy require the presence of a dealer who not only deals rummy cards or poker cards, but also keeps tabs on players to ensure that all rules are followed.
  6. Players in both rummy and poker must focus on the hand dealt to them to create winning combinations. Once a player declares a winning hand or sets and sequences, all other players must display their deck so that the score can be calculated.

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