Misconceptions of Card games 


Most of misconceptions are random that have embedded deep within people who have never played or know less about the card games.
So, today we present to you the top myths about card games and bust them together. 
Card games are addictive
Absolutely not, It’s completely depends on someone how much indulge you get into the game & how much time you involve in this. The fun of this various card games are with other benefits, and can be played in intervals of your regular work life. So, one does not have to sit all-day or all-night long to play the cards game.

Luck factor

The supreme court of India has declared rummy games to be skill-based. Besides, card games such as rummy, bridge, poker, etc require you to apply strategic skills and absolute presence of mind in order to increase your winning chances over others. So, playing online rummy at RummyCulture is absolutely legal.

 Online gaming requires hi-end PCs or devices

Not at all! With online gaming industry booming rapidly these days, the companies are working progressively toward ease of accessibility to reach out to a maximum player-base. You can access these games on your mobile devices any PC. You can access rummyculture by opening it on any browser.

Card games make you unsociable

 No, It is an absolutely misleading idea many people have. If you’ve ever played an online card game, you would be familiar with the chat rooms and other interactive platforms for the players.
These help the players chat with their opponents or other players online and in fact, help them make new friends from different parts of the globe. So, nope – card games cannot, in any way, hamper your social lives. If anything, they can only help you make it better.
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