How online Rummy is different from Poker

Both online rummy and poker are played in several social settings and is enjoyed by people all over the world. Online rummy is one of the most popular skill-based card game. In India, rummy is an integral part of the families and is played during every small or big occasion. It is known to be a great way to communicate and socialize with your friends and family. It is a group of matching card games, which are of the same rank or sequence and of the same suit.

While Rummy is a popularly known matching card game, Poker is a card game, which involves betting. Poker is a family card game, which involves betting and individual play. It is also popularly played in casinos all over the world.


Both poker and rummy require more than two players to start the game. Both games begin when players deal with the card dealer. Setting up or setting cards in sets/sequences makes both of these games equal.
Both rummy and poker give importance to the playing order and managing cards in the hands. Whenever you want, you can fold or drop any rummy or poker game.
In both rummy and poker, all the players need to show their cards as soon as the winning hand is declared.


No betting amount needs to be placed to win money in Rummy, while Poker primarily requires you to place bets to win money.

Rummy is another game of calculation while poker is a game of chance and perception.

To win a game of Rummy, you’d have to rely on the cards you have and your own skill and strategy, while to win a game of Poker you need a proper betting strategy and a bit of luck.

Benefits of Playing Online Rummy Game with Your Friends:

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