Why is online rummy Popular in India ?

Rummy is a card game that has been around for more than 500 years with a rich history that can be traced back to a Mexican game called Conquian. It has since made its way across the globe, and to such an extent that you will find a different variation of rummy depending on your geographic location. The Indian rummy game is, as the name suggests, our nation’s favourite version of the game, and is played across the subcontinent. It is quite common to see enthusiasts of rummy gather during weddings, occasions and other special events to play the game.

Luckily for all those who love rummy, the Supreme Court of India has classified it as a skill based game which makes it legal, even when playing for cash. This move has given an impetus for new players to join the arena, learn the game and benefit from winning. One factor that has substantially enhanced the rummy game is the Internet, thanks to which, there are numerous platforms where you can play rummy online these days. The great thing about this classic card game is that it has a lot to teach its players other than just how to make card moves. Players of the game have reported having better attention spans, heightened intuition and superior decision-making abilities, all of which have a positive effect on their daily lives too.

Reasons Rummy is Extremely Popular in India

There are a variety of reasons why rummy is a much-loved game in India, so keep reading to find out.

It’s a Real Stress Buster

It is no secret that everyone deals with some sort of tension or negative stress in their day to day lives. From students who feel overburdened by their academics and career expectations to professionals in offices dealing with word politics and lack of personal time, everyone is looking for a break and an outlet. In such a scenario, a rummy offers the perfect relief because it is an absorbing game that lets you tune into it. And while doing so, you can easily forget your daily stressors for a while, giving your mind a much-needed break.

It’s Easy to Follow

Rummy has a few rules that are simple to follow, which is why many people are attracted to it. For any newbie player, it is very encouraging that they can pick up the rules of the game with ease and then build on it, through their own understanding of the game. It is often said that while learning these rules might be a piece of cake, mastering the art of making these rules work for you will take time and practice. This is what makes every rummy player’s journey so unique and cherished.

It Betters Your Math Skills

When any player takes up rummy, they have to make various types of calculations. In time, the player will become better at calculating probability as well as card points in order to pick up or discard them. These types of mathematical skills will be reflected in the daily life of the player as well, where they will find themselves making spot calculations quickly and accurately.

You Can Win Real Cash

There is no player who does not enjoy winning the game they play. But if there is the possibility of winning real cash then it becomes a great motivator in itself. Many rummy players make an added income from the winnings of their rummy games online. This is another reason rummy is played by millions of Indians on a daily basis.

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