How to Play Points Rummy Games on Rummyculture ?

How to Play Points Rummy Games on Rummyculture

Points Rummy is the most popular version of Indian Rummy and is played with 2 or 6 players.
Points Rummy is most widely played & popular variation of the 13 card rummy game is 13-card point rummy game at RummyCulture. In Points rummy, the players play for points which is equivalent money value.
The winner gets 0 (Zero) and the points are gained by the player who was unable to finish the game first. The points are calculated for those cards which the player was unable to make a sequence or a set.
Every card carries a certain value of points that add up to the player’s points & points are calculated according to the value assigned to each card.
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Rules of playing Points Rummy at RummyCulture –

  • Played by 2-6players only.
  • Players play for points which have a pre-decided rupee value. Each player brings a minimum amount to the table.
  • A system generates a toss which decides which player makes the first move.
  • Each player is dealt a set of 13 cards randomly.
  • The first card from the pack is placed in the open deck indicating that the game has started.
  • Remaining cards are placed face-down in the closed deck slot.
  • A joker card is randomly selected at the beginning of each game.

How Points Rummy Games Finish as per rules:-

Drag and drop:

  • If one or more players drop the game in their first move, they get 20 points each and the game continues until a single winner comes out.
  • If one or more players drop the game after their first move, they get 40 points each and the game continues until a single winner comes out.
  • If a player declares without meeting the game objective, he/she gets 80 points and the game continues till there is a winner comes out.


  • A player must discard a card into the finish slot to finish the game. A player must show the cards in hand by grouping them in sets/sequences and clicking on ‘Declare’ button when he/she moves a card to the finish slot.
  • Every player must declare sets/sequences in the allotted time.
  • Any player who fails to declare by grouping the cards in hand in the allotted time is dropped from the current game and is given 80 points.
  • The game continues with the remaining players.
  • The player who finishes the game must arrange all 13 cards in sets/sequences with at least two sequences out of which one must be a pure sequence. A player has to declare Jokers in hand as part of sets/sequences for a valid finish.

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