Play Rummy game when you go alone in the train:-

Play Rummy game when you go alone in the train

Playing rummy during a long journey can be a fun way to pass your time. Rummy is a very old card game that can be seen back in ancient India.
Rummy is a fairly simple game that is quite easy to explain. This is the perfect pastime for a group of friends traveling on a long journey.
People often travel long distances and travel by train from one state to another, you can take the appropriate amount of your time. Consider taking a break from TV shows and movies on your phone, laptop or tablet and try offline or online rummy. There are offline rummy apps that you can download for free rummy games.
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While traveling on the train, you can entertain in some ways:-

Look outside the window: If you are going for a long journey on the train, then it is likely that you will travel through some exotic and beautiful train routes in India. So, remember seeing the window and enjoy Mother Nature in its entire glory.
Play rummy game: Rummy is one of the most exciting and entertaining card games. Playing with your family and friends is fun. Based on your mood, you can play Rummy online anywhere on trains, anywhere and anywhere.
Reading: Another wonderful way to use your travel time is to immerse yourself in your favorite book or magazine or newsletter. These days, we also have the option to preload our books and magazines on our Smart Gadgets, and then listen to them.
Cinema and youtube: Another option is to download your favorite movies on your smart device and download them for entertainment itself. We have a lot of apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Google play and voot, etc. which help us to do this.
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