How to use joker in 13 card Indian Rummy game?

Role of joker explained in indian rummy 13 card game

Rummy is an important part of Indian tradition and culture. It is played during weddings, night parties, festivals, etc
The Joker is also called “Trump card” in Indian Rummy. This is a card that helps you create your sequence and sets faster. RummyCulture is India’s favorite platform to play online rummy as it eliminates all the drawbacks of traditional rummy.

Types of Joker

There are two types of joker in 13 card rummy. There is a Joker Card which is part of the card deck. The joker is a card selected randomly from the remaining deck. These two cards can be used to make a set or sequence in a rummy game.

Important Things to Know About Joker

  • A joker can be used to create both sets and sequences.
  • One Joker card can only replace one card and not multiple cards.
  • If a player accidentally abandoned the Joker, then it can not be chosen by other players.

How to use joker in a rummy game?

Use with High-Value Cards

Simply begin with trying to use the Joker with cards of higher value. This will help in reducing your points.

Group Cards with the Joker

Group your other cards with joker. This helps keep your points in check.

Discard cards close of Joker

You need to do this one quite carefully. Discard cards that are close to the wild card or the Joker card. This will make your opponent get stuck as he will not want to waste his Joker to form a pure sequence. So, your opponent will not really be able to use your discarded cards.

Once you start to play the game regularly, you will learn the tip & tricks and how to use each card properly. Download RummyCulture and start playing practice games now!

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