Online Cash Games in India are Redefining the Card Game Industry


India has a rich and diverse historical background and card and board games have been a part of this society for many centuries as forms of leisure activities that keep the mind sharp. Today this love for these games has moved online with people playing them online for real cash. These free online cash winning games in India have gained in popularity, more so in recent times with the country being ranked the second largest smartphone market in the world. This is not an insignificant statistic as just about any citizen can play online games and win real cash in India with a mobile and internet.


When it comes to online cash games in India, it is difficult to imagine a scenario without India’s favourite card game, rummy. This is because it has captured the imagination of millions for over decades. While players can play it offline with friends and family, new and exciting avenues open up when they play rummy online and win cash prizes. Read on to learn about the evolution of cash games online and how it has redefined the card game industry.

Online Cash Games – Changing the Landscape of the Card Game Industry

There are numerous ways free cash winning online games in India have impacted the card game industry and several defining factors.

Expansion and Development

It was in the early 90’s that the Indian card game industry first met the marvels of the World Wide Web. Back then, there were a very limited number of online cash games platforms in India. Today, we can safely say that the industry is seeing a phase of rapid expansion. It was valued at an estimated INR 30.8 billion in 2016 and is forecasted to be valued at INR 71 billion in the year 2021. This expansion can be credited to platforms such as RummyCulture that have encouraged people to play online games and win cash in India.

Smartphone Revolution

Nobody can deny that smartphones have brought an unprecedented level of convenience into our lives. In fact, if estimates are to be believed, there are more mobile phones on this planet than human beings. These phones have become a gateway and made it possible for the common man to play online cash winning games in India. No matter where a person is, they can log in to our RummyCulture app and win cash daily, at any time of day or night.

A contribution of Rummy Online

Rummy, in particular, is a game that is hugely popular among online cash games in the country. With a phenomenal growth rate of 30% to 40% year after year, it has a significant pull for players who wish to play online games to win cash prizes, in India. It is predicted that by the year 2020, the online rummy industry will be responsible for 40% contribution, which is INR 50.7 billion, to the Indian card game Industry.

Rummy online is recognised by the Supreme Court and is a perfectly legal means to earn a supplementary income. It is a skill-based game, which means the more you play the better you will get. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie, on RummyCulture we have laid out the rules of all the three Indian rummy variants which will help you learn the game. You can also download the RummyCulture Android app, practice and win on-the-go!


What Do Face Cards Mean in Rummy?


A deck of 52 cards is used to play the game between two and six players. Like with any game of cards, the face cards or picture cards hold certain value and meaning, let’s find out what do they mean.

Point system for Face Cards in Rummy

The king, queen and jack hold 10 points each and are considered to be high-value cards. Ace may be valued at either 1 or 10 points – this will be decided before the game begins so that sequences can be formed accordingly.

Strategies for Face Cards in Rummy


1. Discard Face Cards

You can wait to form a valid sequence or set with face cards, however, as the game progresses the burden of forming such a sequence only increases and in case your opponent decides to ‘declare’ or ‘show’ then you can end up losing big.

In general, it is agreed that the ace, king, queen, and jack are of very utility when it comes to forming hands in rummy, usually contributing more to your losing score. It is advisable to discard these cards quickly.

2. Make Pure Sequences

Despite having almost no utility, face cards can contribute in some way to your victory. You can use these cards to make pure sequences or natural sequences that can leverage your stance. An example of a natural sequence is king, queen, jack and 10 of diamonds or ace, 2, 3 and 4 of clubs.

3. Utilizing the Ace Card

The ace is a versatile face card and can be paired with low number cards such as ace, 2, 3 and 4 to form a sequence or paired with face cards to make another valid sequence. If the card is chosen to be the joker then all the aces of every suit become jokers and can be utilized accordingly.

How to Play Seven Cards Rummy: Rules & Basics


Rummy is much loved because it is fun, entertaining and requires you to use your intellectual prowess to win. Over the years just like with anything popular, the game has spawned many variants depending on the place you play in. One such variant is Seven Cards Rummy.

Seven Cards Rummy, unlike its parent, is a more relaxed version of rummy. The simplicity and the ability to play quick games are the two main reasons why the game has garnered a following amongst beginners of rummy. Another reason why the game is popular is that there is no need to keep score while playing this game; it is played for pure fun.



Seven Cards Rummy: The Objective

The main objective of Seven Cards Rummy is to be the first player to make a matching combination or sequence. The combinations or the sequences can vary and range from anywhere between a straight of the same suit or a set of different suits altogether. The permutations and combinations of the variations are decided beforehand by the players.

Seven Card Games: The Rules

The game begins when the dealer, who is chosen at random, deals seven cards to each player. The dealer has to distribute cards clockwise and all players have to keep their cards face down until the last card has been dealt.
The remainder of the cards are placed in the middle of the table where it’s visible to every player. The pile of cards is called “community” or the “stock”. For the game to proceed the topmost card from the community is picked and placed face up.
The player to the left of the dealer makes the first move and picks cards from the community to start making combinations. Players can also choose to discard the cards which then becomes the discarded pile.
In the later stages of the game, players can pick up cards from the discarded pile if they are confident that they can make a matching combination.
Once a player achieves an agreed upon matching combination, he is declared the winner and becomes inactive. The other players continue playing for second and third positions.

A Guide to Playing Deals Rummy


Those who love rummy games will often tell you that the most popular variant of the game is Deals Rummy. The game is not only popular at casinos but also on the internet. It is a variation of the 13 Rummy Card Game with a few different rules.

Unlike other forms of rummy, Deals Rummy is played with chips. It can be played with 2 to 6 players.There are some other rules and peculiarities of deals rummy listed below.

How To Play Deals Rummy



1. The game begins with a coin toss to determine which player makes the first move.
2. Each player is given chips of a certain value depending on deals played. A game can consist of 2, 3, 4 or 6 deals.
3. Just like with other variants of rummy, in Deals Rummy, a joker is randomly selected. It can either be a printed joker or another card from the pack. Jokers can be used to form sequences and sets.
4. To win a deal in Deals Rummy, players need to form sets and sequences from the 13 playing cards dealt to them.
5. During gameplay, players pick cards from the closed and open decks to form sequence and sets during their turn.
6. To win a game of Deals Rummy a player must declare a valid hand along with two sequences.
7. Each time a player wins a round, he collects the opponents chips. The number of chips collected depends on how many points an opponent loses. Example, if a player loses 20 points in a round, he gives the winner 20 chips.
8. The player with the most chips after all the deals wins the game.

Points in Deals Rummy

1. Each chip dealt to a player carries 1 point.
2. Scoring for number cards are based on their value. For example a 9 of spades has 9 points, a 5 of diamonds has 5 points and so on.
3. Face cards that include the Kings, Queens, Aces and Jacks are worth 10 points.
4. The winner’s chips are declared using the following formula: Winnings = (Sum of points of all losing players) X (One Chip).

Learn How To Play Bluff


One of the coolest card games to play is the game bluff. The game is also called Doubt It, BS, and Cheat. It requires players to be confident in the art of bluffing. Next, you obviously need to know the rules of the game in order to play well. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to play bluff and win at the game.

How To Play Bluff


1. The objectives of the game

Before learning to play any card game, you should first know the objective of the game. Know why you are playing and what is the purpose. In bluff, your goal is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as you can and before the other players by either bluffing or telling the truth.

2. The art of bluffing

As the name of the game goes, bluff is a game that requires you to fool your opponents by lying or telling the truth about your cards. It is important that you learn the art of deceiving your opponent with bluffs and truths. A straight face and a little bit of practice surely helps you ace the art of bluffing.

3. The rules

Every card game has rules and it is important that you learn them before playing. Here are some bluff card games rules to know:

1. A player has to be nominated to be the lead.
2. When it is a players turn, he or she has two options, they can either pass their turn or choose to play a hand.
3. Play continues until players run out of cards.
4. The player who finishes his cards first wins the game.
5. In bluff, the joker is the wild card and it is always true. For example, if you use a joker and call it an ace of spades, the rules state that this move will be true.

How to Play Contract Rummy


Contact Rummy Is known by many different names, such as Wild Rummy and Joker Rummy. This rummy variation of the game can be enjoyed with three to eight players. However, the ideal number of players is four. We outline the general rules of Contract Rummy so you can hone your skills.

Rules of Contract Rummy


Depending on the number of people playing, choose how many decks of cards you need. Ideally, between four players, two decks are used. The number of joker cards used in the game is one less than the number of people playing.

The rules are very similar to Gin Rummy, with major difference being:

  • The game is played for seven deals with the rules for each of them changing every round.
  • The dealer is chosen at random for the first hand and the player to the left of the dealer becomes the dealer as the rounds progress.
  • For the first four deals, every player is dealt 10 cards, after which for the subsequent deals 12 cards are dealt.
  • After all the cards have been distributed, a player picks up one random card from the stockpile and places it aside, this card then goes on to form the discard pile.
  • Players get to choose from which pile to pick, either the stock or the discard pile provided they place a card from their hand in the discard pile.

Objectives of the Game

The main aim of the game is to meld the cards into valid sets and sequences. However, for each hand, there are different ‘presets” called ‘contracts’. The game is continued until a player discards the last card in his hand while melding or ‘goes out”.

The different contracts for each round are mentioned below:

  • Two groups of three, for a six card formation
  • One group of three and a sequence of four, for a total of seven cards
  • Two sequences of four, when eight cards are in play
  • Three groups of three, when nine cards are in play
  • Two groups of three and one sequence of four, for a ten card formation
  • One group of three and two sequence of four, when eleven cards are in play
  • Three sequences of four with a no discard

Calculation the Points

  • Numbered cards correspond to their respective value.
  • King, queen and jack carry 10 points each.
  • Aces carry 15 points each.
  • Joker cards åre valued at 25 points each.

The score is calculated at the end of the game when either a player discards the last card during his meld or goes out.

Top Tips For Strategy Card Games From The Pros


Whether you are playing for money or for leisure, everyone likes to win at card games. The key element to win a card game is strategy. It is the crux of every game and is essential for players to use. Strategizing does not come naturally to everyone – some have a knack and some do not. But it’s not impossible to learn. Here is a quick guide with tips on how to strategize well before or during a card game.

Tips For Strategy Card Games


1. Know The Rules

Obviously, if you are not well versed with the rules of the game you are playing, no amount of strategy can help you succeed. It is important for players to know the rules of the game they are playing thoroughly before they play in big tournaments or for money.

2. Practice Makes You Perfect

For anyone starting to play card games, it is important to keep practising. Winning is not always easy on a professional level or when competing for money. The only way to be perfect and increase your chances of winning is to keep practising. Most rummy websites such as RummyCulture host practise zones where players can improve their playing skills.

3. Keep Your Eyes Open

By this we mean observe patterns and strategies of your opponents. Watch how they are playing and try and outdo them. Of course, your fate will depend on the cards you have, but you do have a lot of control in games like rummy that require skill. A good strategy to always observe how the other players are playing and then make alterations to your playing strategy. However, be sure to play on your strengths instead of focusing on copying the other players too much.

4. Arrange Your Cards Well

As soon as you are dealt cards, it is important you arrange your cards. This makes it easier for you to form sequences and sets in a game of rummy. You’ll also save time as you know what cards you have immediately while glancing at them.

Best Online Rummy Sites – Play Rummy at RummyCulture


Rummy is a very engaging social activity which can bring people together. It is a game which productively uses the skills of players. Progressively, from the time you learn the game, you can become better at it and increase your chances at beating other players. Today, Rummy has gone from playing it face-to-face with friends to Online Rummy sites where you can play with anyone across the corners of the world. This has revolutionized the way the game is enjoyed globally.

There is an ever growing online Rummy sites list, and you will notice this with a simple Google search. All online rummy sites in India seem very attractive and promise to give you a great gaming experience. But it is only the best Rummy sites in India that can deliver on this promise. Read further for an insight into the best Rummy playing sites and the features you should consider when you sign-up.

Best Online Rummy Sites – Features You Should Look For


When it comes to features, RummyCulture is at the top of the list, here are the features available on our site that make us stand out as one of the best online Rummy sites in India.

  • Superior Software and Graphics

An important distinction between other online rummy sites and the ones that have stood the test of time is the software they function on. Unless a Rummy site is able to provide a glitch-free gaming experience to its patrons, it does not stand a chance on being favoured by players. At RummyCulture, you have the stability you need for hours of uninterrupted gaming, which is something that makes us stand apart from other online rummy sites. Our website has a clutter-free design that allows for easy navigation and grasp of the various aspects of the site.

  • Lucrative Welcome Bonuses

One of the features of good online rummy sites is their bonuses. So the more competitive websites can be considered better online rummy sites because they will strive to give you a better welcome bonus. On RummyCulture, we offer you a 100% welcome bonus plus Rs. 200 instant cash. If you deposit Rs. 1000, then we will match that amount by adding an additional Rs. 1000 to your account, for free! This is apart from the Rs. 200 instant cash, which makes it Rs. 1200 extra in your account to get you started.

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  • Great Customer Support

Having an efficient and effective customer support team is one of the vital requirements to be part of the top-tier of online rummy sites. Customer service and assistance provided creates a very strong image and sends a clear message to players who get in touch with the platform. At RummyCulture, we have you sorted with a sound customer service team who will quickly provide you with quality solutions to your queries.

RummyCulture is among those online rummy sites that provide you with access to all three forms of Rummy, enables fast withdrawals within a day and also has a dedicated mobile app among other benefits. So if you want to enjoy great features and be part of an enthusiastic network of players, then make sure you register on our website or download the mobile app today!

Rummy – The Best of Modern-Day Card Games


When it comes to rummy card games, there used to be a common misconception that existed that it was a frivolous activity or a waste of time. Nonetheless, the Rummy card game managed to retain its popularity and is now considered a social occasions or even a leisure activity that keeps the mind sharp. In fact, the 13 Card Rummy game is called Indian rummy and Indians are known to enjoy playing it.

There are many variants of the Rummy card game which can be traced back to over five hundred years, making it one of the best card games out there for more than one reason. The Supreme Court of India has classified the Rummy card game as a fully legal ‘skill-game’. This move has led to a boom in platforms that enable playing Rummy online card games free as well as for cash. Stick around to know why the Rummy card game is one of the best games to play in modern times.

Why Rummy Is One of the Best Card Games for Adults


  • Playing for Money

The Rummy card game is such that there is only a moderate amount of luck involved with skill and strategy being crucial. You can play free online rummy card games, to begin with, learn the ropes and get better at it, before playing for real cash. This won’t be a waste of your time, as winning online Rummy card games assures you significant amounts of money. On RummyCulture, players are also given a Welcome Bonus and have a chance at getting a Special Super Bonus and Booster Bonus Delight after you start playing.

  • Hone Your Skills

The rummy card game, as we said, is a skill-based game. What this basically means is that your innate abilities and acumen to take better decisions is what will determine if you beat your opponents. ‘Practice makes perfect’ in the case of any skill and Rummy card games are no different. To make life easier for you, RummyCulture has developed a 13 Card Rummy Game Free Download for Android with more versions of rummy. This way, you can carry around your game and practice wherever you go, all you need is a simple Internet connection.

History and Origin of Rummy

  • Simple to Learn and Adapt To

When compared to the Rummy card game, other games are known to have much more complicated sets of rules. This is a big plus point in favour of rummy because even a novice player can play it after picking up the basic rules. There are many versions of the game that you can pick from which allows for all levels of skill to feel welcome into the rummy card game community. If you are new to the rummy card game online on RummyCulture, you have nothing to worry because we have compiled detailed instructions on how to play with a clear outline of rules along with video tutorials to help you out.

The rummy card game, as you now know, is a perfectly legal way to improve your skills and win real cash too. So join RummyCulture and get our Rummy card game download to begin today. Enjoy our stable platform, bonuses and benefits for endless hours of exciting rummy gameplay!

Why Rummy Culture Is The Best Online Rummy App

Rummy is a card game that has gained immense popularity amongst Indians not only because it gives them the chance to earn additional income but it is challenging and exciting. There are many rummy games available on the internet through apps and on websites. But, if you are looking for a modern rummy game that is fun and thrilling, check out RummyCulture.


The website has only been around for a few years and it is already popular with rummy players. If you have not checked out the website to play a game yet, you should. Here is why.

Learn to Play Rummy Game 

Clean and user-friendly interface

The RummyCulture website and app has a clean, quick and a very user-friendly interface that makes playing rummy online a joy. The interface is clear and easy to understand so even players who have just started playing rummy find it easy to play.

A large pool of players

RummyCulture has a large pool of players, especially during peak playing hours which is generally on the weekend and in the evenings. You will find many players vying for spots on virtual tables. Users are verified so you’ll have a safe playing environment.

RummyCulture is safe

Every player wants to feel and be safe while playing rummy. RummyCulture is hosted on secure servers thus ensuring that your personal details are not given out. All payments are done through trusted gateways, so your transaction details are safe, too.

Great customer service

RummyCulture customer support is available in five languages and responds to queries and difficulties swiftly. You can post reviews, feedback and comments on their social media pages.

Instant withdrawals

RummyCulture is one of the few rummy websites that allows players instant withdrawals. What this means is that players can withdraw cash won at any time, there is no waiting for a set limit. What makes playing RummyCulture an even more convenient experience is that you can instantly top up money to your RummyCulture account by credit card, net banking and UPI.

Players get a welcome bonus

RummyCulture gives players a welcoming bonus of Rs. 2200 when they load cash into their account. From time to time, there are cashback offers, too.