Why Rummy Culture Is The Best Online Rummy App

Rummy is a card game that has gained immense popularity amongst Indians not only because it gives them the chance to earn additional income but it is challenging and exciting. There are many rummy games available on the internet through apps and on websites. But, if you are looking for a modern rummy game that is fun and thrilling, check out RummyCulture.


The website has only been around for a few years and it is already popular with rummy players. If you have not checked out the website to play a game yet, you should. Here is why.

Learn to Play Rummy Game 

Clean and user-friendly interface

The RummyCulture website and app has a clean, quick and a very user-friendly interface that makes playing rummy online a joy. The interface is clear and easy to understand so even players who have just started playing rummy find it easy to play.

A large pool of players

RummyCulture has a large pool of players, especially during peak playing hours which is generally on the weekend and in the evenings. You will find many players vying for spots on virtual tables. Users are verified so you’ll have a safe playing environment.

RummyCulture is safe

Every player wants to feel and be safe while playing rummy. RummyCulture is hosted on secure servers thus ensuring that your personal details are not given out. All payments are done through trusted gateways, so your transaction details are safe, too.

Great customer service

RummyCulture customer support is available in five languages and responds to queries and difficulties swiftly. You can post reviews, feedback and comments on their social media pages.

Instant withdrawals

RummyCulture is one of the few rummy websites that allows players instant withdrawals. What this means is that players can withdraw cash won at any time, there is no waiting for a set limit. What makes playing RummyCulture an even more convenient experience is that you can instantly top up money to your RummyCulture account by credit card, net banking and UPI.

Players get a welcome bonus

RummyCulture gives players a welcoming bonus of Rs. 2200 when they load cash into their account. From time to time, there are cashback offers, too.

Offline Rummy vs Online Rummy: Which Is Better?


Rummy is a great game to play. It is exciting, you can earn a lot of money playing it and, above all, it is convenient. Until not too long ago, rummy could only be played physically with cards. However, today the game can be played on a phone, tablet, laptop and PC.

While some people still prefer to play rummy the old-fashioned way, most appreciate the ease and convenience of playing the game online. However, both methods of playing the game, online and offline, each have their fair share of plus points. If you are confused about where to play rummy, this article should make it easier for you to choose a way that suits your preferences.


Online Rummy Benefits

1. Online rummy games are accessible 24/7 and it is highly likely that you’ll get a partner to play at almost anytime of the day.

2. In online rummy, you can choose to play with players having the same skill set as you. Doing this gives you a high chance of winning and the game is more competitive.

3. A huge benefit of playing rummy online is that the website and the app version both have social media connectivity. You can add your friends to a game and even brag about the results online.

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Offline Rummy Benefits

1. Offline rummy gives you privacy and personal interaction. Even though online rummy games are run on secure servers and use high encryption, some people aren’t comfortable with the arrangement.

2. In an offline setting, you are most likely playing with family and friends. This can be a more relaxed and fun environment compared to online when you are playing against strangers. It gives you a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones.

3. In a game of offline rummy, there is no need to worry about bandwidth and network issues. Since it played physically, it does not need an internet connection.

While both have their own plus points, online rummy has a lot more practical benefits. Most importantly, it is comfortable and convenient. You can play a game of rummy on a handheld device like a phone or tablet or even on your PC or laptop. Another reason why you should consider playing online rummy is that it gives you the chance to win money and test your skills against quality opponents.

3 Things that are going to be Important for Online Rummy in 2019

3 Things that are going to be Important for Online Rummy

The game of rummy has been around for many centuries and has a rich history behind it. Its journey around the world as one of the most liked and played card games online, as well as offline, is nothing short of extraordinary. In modern times, online rummy has seen a huge global boom thanks to the rapid development of technology, letting people enjoy the slice of success that online rummy brings into their lives.

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Factors that Will Impact Online Rummy in 2019

Online Rummy games are impacted by many aspects online and offline, here are the three most significant ones expected to impact the industry by next year.

Role of Technology

Technology has the power to affect our lives significantly, including the practical as well as leisure activities people are involved in. India, in the past couple of years especially, has seen the rising waves of digitization taking over, and this progress will continue to have its implications on the field of online rummy in the foreseeable future too. This is a new and exciting time for online rummy because the possibility of potential players becoming active players is far higher than ever before. The surge of smartphone users in India is another angle that will positively impact online rummy, as it is a user-friendly, convenient and portable medium of gaming.

Live Gaming

The most exciting aspect of online rummy is its real-time live gaming experience, which is irreplaceable for thrill-seekers. Knowing that there are real people on the other side of the screen is an experience that is far superior and engaging than anything else that an online rummy player can be a part of. The role of the internet is undeniable in making this possibility a reality as there is an ever increasing number of people online today than there were even five years ago. In 2019, players can look forward to more events being organised by their favourite platforms, like RummyCulture. Online Rummy players can also anticipate a rise in multiplayer games that will provide interesting challenges, as compared to playing against a bot, which may feel more mechanical or superficial.

Increased Awareness of Legality

In recent times, there have been some discussions surrounding the legality of online rummy. This is a good thing as it has also helped to clear the air and educate people that online rummy is, in fact, a completely legal card game that it is dependent on skill and not sheer luck, and has been declared so by the Supreme Court of the nation. The online rummy community can, therefore, look forward to welcoming a whole new lot of rummy learners and players in 2019 because of better awareness of the game’s legality.

Online rummy is one of the most popular card games and at RummyCulture, we have a sprawling network of players waiting to play! We offer an array of attractive bonuses; have the most secure payment gateways and a great customer service team. Come join us and never miss another chance to play and win real money.