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Ever since the introduction of desktop computers in Indian households in the early 90’s, in fact, years before the advent of social media and even Wi-Fi, we have all played online card games. Don’t believe us? If you’re a millennial or even middle-aged, chances are – your childhood and youth were dominated by games like cricket, football, carrom, table tennis, and…… Solitaire!


Know More About The Best Card Games Online

We’ve come a long way since playing Solitaire, but that passion for playing online card games has only grown, and how! Here are a few facts and figures that’ll more than convince you to check out the best card games online:

  1. Besides, of course, the huge popularity of virtual multiplayer games based in fantasy, there has been a steady rise in the number of card games played online in India – especially Rummy. It is, after all, a very India-centric game which everyone is familiar with, but now has an online multiplayer card game avatar!
  2. These free card games that you find online are usually available on desktop and as an app, which makes it even easier to access and play online card games while on-the-move, traveling, or just as a quick de-stress during break-time at work.
  3. It only adds to the online card game momentum, that in India alone, reports suggest that the mobile gaming industry will reach $3 billion by 2019 (with a special focus on online card games, given their strong growth rates of 100 percent, each year).
  4. Although Rummy, as one of the newest and best online card games, is very nascent, it is positioned for great consumption at whopping growth rates of 50-100 percent year on year.
  5. Potential gamers are also incentivised with real cash prizes on platforms like Rummy Culture, instead of just virtual points, and a chance to test their skill against other experienced players; it’s no surprise then, that this growing online card game industry enjoys high user engagement rates and keeps users coming back for more!
  6. Card games have been an integral part of Indian culture for generations. Since everything is moving digital, and now mobile, it’s only fitting that India’s favourite card games are moving online, as well.
  7. Even though gambling is illegal in most states, online card games like Rummy are completely legal as stated by the Supreme Court of India – they even went as far as to claim that Rummy is a game of “both strategy and skill”.
  8. In a report by global auditing giant, KPMG, they reveal that games like Rummy are moving on to handheld devices at an “unprecedented” pace, and that online gaming through handheld devices will soon be larger than radio and music industries combined in the next five years, growing 22 percent per year, to Rs 11,880 crore.

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Online Card Games At RummyCulture

So, now that you’ve been sufficiently convinced to try your hand at online card games (we hope!), why don’t you take a crack at playing Rummy online? RummyCulture is, by far, the best online multiplayer card game website for Rummy lovers, which rewards you with real cash prizes and is available on both, your mobile phone and desktop!

Online Rummy Game in Andhra Pradesh

The online rummy cash game has hugely gained in popularity in India recently. However, rummy has been around in the country and the world for over five hundred years. Today, the onset of technological advancement has revolutionised the scene altogether. Indian players who are eager to learn the game can simply register on RummyCulture to get access to our online rummy games for free. Online rummy game play has the same level of thrill and excitement, if not more, as a regular game of rummy which is played face-to-face. We may even go a step further and claim that it’s more fun to play because, in the online rummy card game version, you gain access to a network of players who are online around the clock.


Another reason the online rummy game tops sitting around and playing the game is that you get amazing bonuses that increase your winnings. In India, online rummy games are legal and classified under skill-based games by the Supreme Court. There are some states where it is more popular than others and one of these states is definitely Andhra Pradesh. We take a look at what makes Andhra Pradesh have a larger appetite for the online Indian rummy game than most others.

What Sets Andhra Pradesh Apart in the Indian Online Rummy Game World

Here’s an interesting fact, most online rummy game millionaires are from Andhra Pradesh! Let’s take a look at what makes this state different from others.

Fast Adapters

The online rummy game scene is not the only aspect of e-commerce that has been a big hit with Andhraites. It has been observed in the case of other e-commerce industries too. The people who hail from Andhra Pradesh are known to be one of the first in the country to be open to trying new technologies and experimenting with online avenues. One of the reasons may be due to the fact that the southern states of India have been responsible for gaining a reputation for Information Technology worldwide.

Part of the Silicon Valley

Over the years, Andhra Pradesh has become a hub for IT professionals. It is a state that blends tradition and heritage with a modern outlook. Andhraites are known to be the mellow, intellectual kinds who enjoy various activities using their mental abilities, and it’s no different when they play online rummy games. Hyderabad, the capital of the state, is a prosperous city where people work and lead some of the most advanced tech companies in the country. It is no surprise that this place is referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ and is one of the high-ranking places to live and work in.

The balance of the Old and New

Anyone who has visited or lived in Andhra Pradesh is sure to appreciate that the people here have managed to preserve their culture while keeping up with the advancements of the modern times. So, while playing card games was a popular pastime for most before, when online rummy games for free came along, players welcomed this new avenue. Andhra Pradesh has a respectable literacy rate and quite a high per-capita income, relative to other states. One of the proofs of how well the state is doing is that Tollywood, the Telugu film industry, is the second largest feature film industry after Bollywood.

The people of Andhra Pradesh already maintained family playtime, with various variations of rummy. So when the online rummy game became available, it added a new energy to this tradition. Make sure you join RummyCulture too and start winning real cash today!

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