Play Teen Patti and Earn Real Money

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There is more to playing teen patti than just leisure; the game can also earn you quick bucks. Yes, you heard that right, playing teen patti can make you real money. How? Read on to know.

Before knowing “how to play teen patti online” there is huge myth that teen patti and poker are the same!! But no, poker and teen patti are different.

So What is Teen Patti and how it is different from Poker?

Teen Patti als0 known as flush or flash is an Indian originated card game and later spread worldwide. There you go!! Happy being an Indian!! Unlike poker, where each player gets two cards with 5 cards open on the deck during the course of the deal, teen patti is played by dealing 3 cards to each players. Player with the best combination wins the deal with no limit on the betting rounds.

The best combination in teen patti is decided as follows

  • Three of a kind- 3 cards of same rank.
  • Straight Run/Pure Sequence. – Same suit and a sequence. E.g. 9♠, 8♠, 7♠ of Spade or 3 ♦ , 4 ♦ , 5 ♦ of diamond.
  • Normal Run/Sequence. – 3 consecutive cards but not of the same suit. E.g. 5♣ of Spade, 6♣ of Club, and 4♦ of Diamond.
  • Color-same suit but not a sequence E.g. 9♠, 10♠, J♠ of Club.
  • Pair- 2 cards of same rank. If two players have the same type of pair, kicker card determines the winner.
  • High Card- A being the highest and 2 being the lowest.

The key to earning money in teen patti is to strategize well and know where exactly to play in order to make money while playing the game. Here are the best tips and tricks for making money playing teen patti online.

Join A Teen Patti Gaming Website

There are plenty of websites online that offer users the change to play teen patti games. Most of these websites allow you to win prizes and money. You will have to pay an entrance fee, of course, but if you play smart and with a good strategy, you stand the chance to win big.
Many websites offer discounts or free chips when you sign up for the first time. Teen Patti Gold one of the best sites to play teen patti where you can buy online chips and challenge players.

Participate In A Teen Patti Contest

If you are a professional teen patti player and have the confidence to win, participate in a teen patti contest. These contests are held offline as well as online. Numerous gaming companies organize teen patti contests at a specific locations or on a website. There is a sign up fee and you will have to enter in a few personal details details, including your age to prove that you are above 18.

Challenge A Friend

This is the ideal choice for those who don’t feel comfortable playing against strangers. Online rummy website give you the chance to play against a friend. Challenge a friend you know well and play for money. It is a safe environment and done for fun – a great way for friendly competition among your buddies.

Well!! these are some easy ways in which you can earn real money online by playing teen patti. However, it is a complex game and a game of chance. If you love playing any game with skill read about cash rummy games at RummyCulture.

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