The Role of King and Queen in the Rummy Game

In every card game, the function of each card is likely to change. This holds especially true for the face cards, such as the queen and king and of course, the ace card too. In the rummy game, understanding the place and function of every card is an invaluable skill that each player can develop over time. As a player of the rummy game, you can do this by reading up as much as you can, whenever possible. Having an in-depth understanding of the rules of the rummy variant you are playing and most importantly observing your opponents, is an invaluable skill.

Rummy, after all, is a ‘skill-based’ game, as declared by the Supreme Court of India and this means that it is not dependent on luck or chance. This makes it more important to focus on enhancing one’s playing skills. It has been often said that while the rules of rummy are very simple, it takes real practice to master the game. Today, in this spirit of learning, we will give you the keys to using the king cards and queen cards in the most effective manner while playing rummy, so that you can greatly improve your possibility of winning.

What are the Queen Card and King Card?

The queen card can be identified as the one with the picture of a lady or queen on it. Depending on where you are in the world, you might find slight variations of this card. For instance, because in European languages, the words king and queen begin with the same alphabet, the queen card is referred to as ‘dame’. Likewise, in a Parisian deck, the queen of every suit is named after a biblical or mythological character.

When it comes to the king card, it is the oldest and highest ranking card in the deck in most games. In 15th century France, the king card of every deck was named after prominent rulers such as David, Charles, Caesar and Alexandre. Before this, the Spaniards were the first to have a king card with a standing king printed on it rather than a seated one, which was the norm.

How to Use the King Card and Queen Card in Rummy

Here are some of the smartest ways in which to use the queen card and king card to enhance your rummy game play.

Know Your Priorities

Every picture card holds a value of 10 points within the game. A player must prioritise the king card and queen card as soon as they are in hand so that they can be melded right away. If this is not possible then a player should try to discard them as soon as possible, as they are high-value cards.

Form Sequences

Here is a strategy that will work only if you have a pure sequence along with a pure or hybrid sequence in hand. It is possible to create a sequence with a king card and queen card if a player has an ace or jack to complete it. If this is not the case, then the player is likely to lose points instead of enjoying a winning streak.

Be Quick to Act

Holding on to the king card and queen card in the hopes of creating a sequence is not the wise thing to do. Towards the end of the game, you will not have enough time to discard the cards that have a high value and will find yourself in a pickle. Instead, when you realise that these cards don’t stand a chance of being melded, discard them and proceed with creating winning sequences instead.

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