These 5 things can make your weekend worthwhile

These 5 things can make your weekend worthwhile

Weekends are a great relief from the five day turmoil of the work week. No wonder, we all get crazy excited on Fridays and feel so scared of Mondays. Saturdays and Sundays are the break we all deserve.

While most of us spend our weekends just lazing around,, eating all kinds of fun food and binge watching shows, others like to make even the weekends count and do something worthwhile.

If you are that kind of a person or are looking to inculcate some nice weekend habits, this article is for you.


The society needs us to help. Weekend volunteer work at your local community is a great way to do something for the society and give back in a meaningful way. You could start by doing something relatively simple, such as undertaking a cleanliness drive in your locality, or helping out at the local animal shelter. There are also a number of old age homes that need helping hands and will be happy to accept your help.

This will not only help others, but also give you a sense of satisfaction and joy.


Reading has been a favourite way to pass time and also learn something new in the process, for ages. However, with the advent of technology and cheaper data, people’s habits have undergone a shift and people do not read as much. The good news is, one does not need to actually buy a physical copy of a book to read. Devices like Amazon Kindle have made the reading experience seamless and convenient. 

As for what to read, well, there are a plethora of subjects to read about. Reading is not just a means of entertainment but can also become a means to further your career. 

We strongly recommend reading as a great way to spend time on weekends. 

Play Online Games

Online games on PCs and mobile devices is not just for kids and teens to enjoy. With a variety of games available to play, people across all ages and interests can find enjoyable games at their fingertips. Those who enjoy playing skill-based games can try online rummy on apps like RummyCulture. With the various modes that help you start with the basics, one can learn quickly and even start playing online rummy for cash and pocket cool winnings. In this new age, it is great that an opportunity that allows entertainment and income together, apart from honing one’s observation and tactical skills exists. This app is absolutely free to download too, so no worries about spending your hard earned money at all.


The best way to unwind after a hectic work week is to travel. Fortunately, India abounds in pretty little weekend getaways thanks to its sheer size and geographical diversity. All states of India have a number of interesting places worth travelling. From historical cities with ancient architecture to bustling metros with the best of modern life, from serene backwaters to exciting beaches, from the pristine deserts to the lofty mountains, from peaceful cafes to bustling markets, India offers something for everyone. 

Do a course

Thanks to online portals such as Udemy, Coursera, etc., learning about new things that interest you is no longer an expensive and long term proposition. From courses that take a year to complete to short term courses that can be done in an hour, there is something for all kinds of learners. Not just the old fields of coding and management, but even new fields such as data science and machine learning are widely available. We suggest you check out one of these courses and start with something short and simple. The cost varies from platform to platform but there are also a number of courses that are absolutely free. 

We hope this article was useful for you. Send us your suggestions on what you like to do during weekends.