Top casinos you should not miss to visit when you are in Goa

Top casinos you should not miss to visit when you are in Goa

Ah, casinos. Those shiny, tempting dens of fortune that provide thrill and entertainment like none other, while also giving patrons a very real opportunity to try their luck and skills to win at the table playing, among other things, card games.

And yet, casinos have not always enjoyed the kind of attention they have received. No wonder, casinos are illegal in almost all of India. 

But despite it all, there is one part of the country where casinos are not only legal, but thriving. We’re talking about Goa, the place with all the sun, sand and surf, and casinos!

Here is a lowdown on the top casinos in Goa that are a must-visit for every lover of card games.

Deltin Royale

Perhaps India’s best known casino, Deltin Royale spans 40,000 square feet spread over 4 floors and 123 gaming tables. The casino has a dedicated poker room as well as a restaurant, a lounge and a kids zone. The casino also offers a fine collection of cigars and single malt whiskies and provides world class entertainment acts to patrons. This casino has dedicated rooms for Poker and Teen Patti which make it a big hit. The prices start from INR 3000 onwards.

Casino Pride

Casino Pride gives tough competition to the more expensive Deltin Royale. Patrons who want to go easy on the budget prefer Casino Pride as a good alternative. High-rollers enjoy Teen Patti, and the place also hosts some important poker tournaments. Another winning point is the Bollywood-style act the casino puts up for the audience.The 10,000 square foot weather deck makes it an excellent choice for parties, and the casino itself is quite spacious with over 40 tables spread across 3 floors. The prices are among the best, starting at INR 1500 per person. 

Casino Pride 2

Casino Pride 2 was named so after the erstwhile Casino Carnival, owned by Marriott Resort and Spa was sold to the Pride Group. With 27 tables, it is much smaller than its counterpart but makes up for it by providing a more intimate gaming experience. Patrons visiting Casino Pride can visit Casino Pride 2 at no extra cost. The cost remains the same i.e. INR 1500 per person. 

Big Daddy Casino

The newest kid on the block, Big Daddy Casino was launched in May 2019 and calls itself the “biggest and most modern offshore gaming destination in Asia” and boasts of gaming equipment that’s at par with the likes of Las Vegas and Macau. It’s humongous size is thanks to the 50,000 square foot boat it’s housed inside, which allows it to host three levels of gaming with 100+ tables. There is also an entertainment zone, a bar, a restaurant and a play area for children. Entry starts from INR 2000 onwards.

Casino Strike

Casino Strike is unique among casinos in Goa. It is Goa’s most well known onshore casino. Located inside the Hyatt hotel, this casino was launched in 2016. Here, one can find the latest machines that are not available elsewhere in India. The casino also hosts entertainment acts and has in-house creche for toddlers and a Playstation area for kids. Prices begin at INR 2000 per person.

Deltin Caravela

A smaller casino with 32 tables, this casino is preferred by those who do not want to be among busy crowds. The casino’s skylight restaurant and bar is another reason why patrons love this place.The casino also has an on-deck spa and jacuzzi. Entry starts at INR 1500 per person.

Deltin Jaqk

Boasting of 50 tables, this casino also has a dedicated learner’s table for newbies to learn the tricks of the game. Prices begin at INR 2500 per person.

Now that you have all the information, all that remains is to book a ticket to Goa and experience the casinos for yourself. What are you waiting for?