Top Online Card Games in India

Top Online Card Games in India

Fates of kingdoms and families have been decided on a game of cards in the history of India. In a country where people especially meet up to play card games and millions of young and old Indians nurture it as a hobby, there must be something special about a deck of 52 cards. In the changing times when everything is going online, cards games too have transitioned to the online mode. Online card games have also diminished gaps between friends and families. On a Diwali night, when you can’t make it to your hometown, you can still enjoy online card games at Rummy Culture with your childhood friends. Let’s look at a few popular online card games in India to get you started:


Online rummy is one of the most played online card games in India. Online rummy is a 13 card game and requires the players to form sets and sequences and make declarations to win. Making two sequences is compulsory to win the game, and these must include one pure sequence. To help you understand, a sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards belonging to the same suit – be it Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, or Clubs. A pure sequence is the one which does not involve a Joker card. Any sequence involving a Joker card is an impure sequence.

A player can also form sets in this game, which essentially means three or four cards of the same value, belonging to different suits. On, you get the best online rummy games experience 24×7. Not only you enjoy playing strategically with strangers and friends, alike, but also win cash and bonus.


Three-card brag aka Teen Patti is played live online with up to five players on the table. It is also known as Flash or Flush. Two sets of three cards are kept on the table, with each set having one open card and two closed cards. Each player is served three cards. The players are supposed to set their cards in a combination, and there are various types of combinations having different rankings, starting from Trail or Set, Pure Sequence, Sequence, Colour, Pair and High Card.


With a cult film named after it, Satte pe Satta is quite a popular online card game in India. A player who gets hands over the first 7 of hearts can get the game rolling. The next player can play if he holds 6 or 8 of Hearts, and if he doesn’t then he or she can pass the turn to the next player. The game moves ahead when a 7 of another house is laid, which unlocks the process for that colour. 3 to 8 players can join a table of Satte Pe Satta with a 52 card deck. The player who finishes all the cards first wins the game.


This popular online card game involves bluffing and finishing all the cards as soon as possible, to win. Four or more players can join a game of Bluff. A player has to put down one or more than one similar value cards, without showing, and then saying which cards they are, e.g. one queen, two aces, etc. The other players are supposed to guess whether that player is saying the truth or is bluffing, and then check. If the player was saying the truth, the cards go back to him/her, and if he/she was bluffing, those cards go to the one who checked.


Bridge is played with a complete deck of 52 cards and with each player getting 13 cards. Minimum four players are required to play Bridge. The suits follow ranking in this game, highest starting from Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and lowest ranking with Clubs. The game involves bid and play. Bridge is a challenging game and requires a mindful approach to win.

Although there are a plethora of online games to play 24×7 in India, Rummy remains the most-popular. And from the avalanche of online rummy platforms in India, RummyCulture stands out by ensuring you get a high-speed online rummy experience, get to withdraw your cash wins same day, and get 30% extra bonus every time you add cash.