What experiences give you the same thrill when you play rummy

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There are very few experiences in the world that can properly emulate the thrill and excitement induced by the game of rummy. Online rummy takes this experience many notches higher due to the highly dynamic nature of play, the availability of players to play with, and the ease of playing anytime, anywhere.

So, what are some of the other experiences that give you the same thrill as the game of rummy? Let’s find out.

Watching election results on TV

People in India are big fans of politics. While most countries have people with a keen interest in politics as a tool to make things better for themselves and for the nation, Indians also follow politics because of the highly exciting nature of the elections in India. People have strongly held beliefs about their choice of political party or politicians and everytime there is an election, one can see millions of people get glued to their TV sets in anticipation of the results. This feeling of trying to anticipate the result of something important is very close to how players feel when they play rummy against an opponent and the opponent is about to make the next move.

Solving Crossword or Sudoku

Often, while engaged in playing a skill-based game such as Crossword or Sudoku, we get stuck on a certain step. We try to come up with the best possible solution to the problem, explore all permutations and combinations, and even try and remember if we have been in such a situation before, but somehow we are unable to come up with the solution. Then, all of a sudden, the answer hits us and we feel extremely thrilled and overjoyed. The game of rummy offers a very similar experience. The sudden joy of finally solving a challenge and winning a game is quite similar to what happens in Crossword or Sudoku.

Watching a thriller movie

Are you one of those people who love some excitement in their life? Then, it’s very likely that you are a fan of thriller movies. In such movies, as the action unravels and the mystery starts to get solved and the villain’s true face starts to become clear, you cannot help but exclaim Gotcha!

Playing rummy is not too different from this experience. The opponents often try to hide behind an innocent face, pretending they have a bad hand and the game is all but over for them, but as soon as you start to believe the game is yours, they show their true hand and take the game away from you. Just like a film’s hero has to be tactful and deduce the villain’s true intentions, in the game of rummy you need to try and identify the true situation even if the others try to mislead you.


Travelling to new places fills our hearts with excitement. We plan and prepare for the trip and try to do as much research about the destination as we can, but actually visiting the place in real life gives us a different perspective altogether. We realise that we were so naive to think we had seen it all, and thank our stars for the unique experience. This feeling of discovering the unknown and unseen may make us a little nervous, but the final experience satisfies us beyond our dreams. Playing rummy is very similar, as the feeling that we have prepared well and seen it all quickly gives rise to nervousness and then excitement as the game unfolds.

There are many more experiences that can make you feel exactly how rummy makes one feel. If you have not tried this game yet, head over to RummyCulture today!