What is Contract Rummy and Why You Should Play it Now

Contract Rummy, one of the most popular variants of rummy, is a derivative of Gin Rummy. It is also known as Joker Rummy or Wild Rummy. According to David Parlett, card game specialist, its origins can be traced to the Contract Bridge explosion in the 1930s. It is also believed to be one of the most popular pastimes of women’s clubs and other social groups in the 1950s. Contract Rummy has many variations of its own, including Shanghai, Liverpool, Progressive, Carioca, Continental, King and other regional Contract Rummy games. If you wish to understand the nuances of this magical card game, our quick pointers are all the information you will need. Read on for an easy run-through of its most salient attributes.

Be at the Top of Your Contract Rummy Game

The key to winning at anything is to know exactly how it works, and so also with the Contract Rummy rules. Contract Rummy card game rules are quite simple, if approached systematically. Any (aspiring) player who desires to improve his/her game must read the following:

  1. Contract Rummy is played between three to eight players over seven deals, the rules of which vary from one another.
  2. For the first four deals, ten cards are dealt to every participant while for the remaining three deals, twelve cards are dealt to everyone. Two to four decks of cards may be used to play this game, depending on the number of players involved.
  3. Once the dealing of cards is done, one card is placed with its face showing in the discard pile and the others are stacked face down in the stockpile. When it is a player’s turn, they must pick a card from either the discard pile or stockpile and also put away one of their cards in the discard pile.
  4. The main goal of Contract Rummy is to meld cards in hand into sets and sequences. However, as mentioned earlier, the rules for each deal will be different; this is known as a contract requirement. Examples of contracts are one set of three cards and a four-card sequence, two sets of three cards, etc.
  5. The Contract Rummy game will continue till a player discards their last in-hand card while forming sets and sequences or goes out.
  6. All numbered cards are assigned their face value. Face cards come with ten points, barring the Joker which awards a player 15 points. Aces are high-value cards worth 25 points.

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