Why Skill games are better than Action games?

Why Skill games are better than Action games?

Online games have become an indispensable part of our lives. From a five-year-old to a fifty-five-year-old, you’ll find populace of all ages hooked on their Smartphones or computers playing their favorite games. The unlimited availability of internet at cheap data plans has ignited the online gaming industry while gaming companies are further adding fuel with technically advanced virtual gameplay. There are two types of genres that are mostly played by the millennials in India – Action games and Skill games. Let’s understand the two in detail. 

 What are skill-based games?

Skill-based games are those that require strategy, analytical mindset, and special skills to win a game. Popular examples of skill-based games in India are chess, rummy, poker, sudoku, and bridge.

What are action video games?

Action video games like PUBG, Grand Theft Auto III, Brothers in Arms, and many others, on the other hand, are those where the first person is mostly a shooter, and gameplay involves combat scenes and role-plays.

Skill games vs Action games

There’s an ongoing debate of who’s better amongst these top two online gaming genres. Most action video games are addictive and leave players psychologically aggressive, while, skill-based games challenge the mental prowess of players and improve their mental ability in the long run. Skill-based games win the battle against action-based games, hands-down.

Benefits of skill-based games:

  1. Improves Brain Function

Playing skill-based games like rummy and chess has proven to enhance brain function. It is like a brain-gym, where mental maths, sharp observation skills, and an analytical mindset are the many benefits players reap in the long run. Online rummy tutorials and practice sessions can provide the right guidance while building your rummy skills.

  1. Psychological Benefits

Skill-based games are great stress-busters. It is a great way to interact and engage with mental geniuses online, learn from their moves and improvise your own skills. After a long day at work, playing a round of online rummy is all you need to entertain and refresh yourself. Besides, you enhance your time-management skills, improve your intuitive ability, and develop razor-sharp focus.

  1. Monetary Benefits 

Last but not least, skill-based games can earn you money. There are many rummy tournaments and online game tables to participate anytime, any day, from anywhere and apply your skills to win cash. Each time you play, you stand a chance to multiply your cash. Various festive bonanzas, tourneys, referral bonus, reward points, and cashbacks await you at Rummy Culture to put your rummy skills at good use.

 While earlier it was mainly the baby boomers who were fond of card games; in modern times, with the evolution of the mobile gaming industry in India, millennials have transitioned the traditional Indian rummy and other card games online. And it can be rightly said that while boys still find thrill in action-packed games, the men like to challenge themselves with skill-based games. What’s your choice?