RummyCulture Goal  

14th June to 15th July 2018.

RummyCulture brings ‘football’ directly to you this World Cup. Forget about only watching football instead participate in supporting your football country team in every match by Joining the Poll & even better get a free bonus of Rs 10 in each goal your team scores.

So don’t wait to participate now at RummyCulture Goal.

Terms & Conditions

  1. RummyCulture Goal can be only played by Cash users at RummyCulture.
  2. RummyCulture Goal is valid only from 14th June to 15th July 2018.
  3. User’s need to participate in both polls for a single match in order to be eligible for the prize.
  4. Rummyculture winning Prize can only be availed when the poll is correctly placed before the match. Once the match gets over if both Poll parameters syncs i.e the winning team & the Goal Score range & the no goal count of the winning team will be credited to the user (Rs 10 x no. of goals) Bonus in his account.
  5. One user can avail up to Rs 500 during the football world cup.
  6. Claim Period: The Bonus must be earned (disbursed) within 7 days as the validity of the offer.
  7. Disbursement of Bonus: It will be disbursed after each game that you play on Rummyculture.com.You will start receiving your bonus right after your first game, The bonus will be 10% of what you have played for an aggregate entry fee of the cash game For example If you entry fee of game is Rs 100 that you have chosen to play the bonus will be Rs 10 that will be credited as chips. Once you play for another ₹ 100 entry fee game, we will credit the second Bonus of Rs 10 to your account, and so on till a maximum of ₹ 500 Bonus has been added to your account for RummyCulture Goal.
  1. One Account: One player can have only one account on RummyCulture.com. If multiple accounts are detected, the entire amount on all accounts will be cancelled.
  2. The Terms of Service are applicable to all services offered on RummyCulture. Any violation of the Terms at any stage may result in disqualification from receiving the bonus and other action by Rummyculture as may be deemed necessary as per the Terms of service.
  3. The Offer may be withdrawn by RummyCulture at any time.
  4. RummyCulture don’t encourage any of his users in participating during Football world cup & should be strictly user’s discretion to participate. RummyCulture don’t influence any of the real world Football tournaments & any resemblance will be merely co-incidence.
  5. Any dispute will have RummyCulture’s Management decision as final verdict.
  6. In Case of any Match ending in draw or penalty no user will be awarded as winner.

You can also Read our Privacy Policy for data security related queries


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