After it’s super successful launch, RummyCulture WoW Tournaments is back on popular demand. This is RummyCulture RC WoW Tournaments Season 2.


What is WoW Tournament Season 2

WoW Tournament is a series of India’s largest FREE tournaments where everyone gets a guaranteed prize, even if all you do is join! There is no entry fee for WoW and it is open to all Rummyculture players. Be a part of these epic tournaments which will be played by over 1 Lakh Rummy players from across the India, who will play and win a total of ₹ 10 Lakhs on RummyCulture.com.


Prizes to be won

  • Cash prizes worth Rs. 10 Lakhs to be won. Everyone wins something!
  • Big or small, everyone gets an assured cash prize
  • Free Smartphone for winner of each WoW Tournament. Total of four smartphones to be won.
  • All RC WoW tournaments are free for all registered users of RummyCulture


How do RC WoW Tournaments Work

  • These tournaments are free and any RummyCulture registered user can participate
  • There are a total of four tournaments
  • One person can participate in one tournament only
  • Participants who have participated in previous WoW Tournaments can not participate in Season 2
  • Once you win (or even participate) in a round, you will instantly get the prize money in your account
  • All your earnings come with a same day withdrawal policy. You can chose to withdraw your winning amount, or play more games with it
  • The more tables you win, the bigger your cash prize
  • All other bonus offers (like Welcome Bonus, Happy Hour Bonus, Booster Bonus) will continue to apply for all users participating in the RC WoW Tournaments
  • Terms of Service are applicable to all services offered on RummyCulture. Any violation of the Terms at any stage may result in disqualification from receiving the bonus or cancellation of the account. You may go through our Terms of service


Dates of the RC WoW tournaments

There will be a total of four RC WoW tournaments till 1st December 2018. Here is the date, day, and time of each of them.


Date Day Starting Time
RC WoW Tournament 1 10 November Saturday 4:00 PM
RC WoW Tournament 2 17 November Saturday 4:00 PM
RC WoW Tournament 3 24 November Saturday 4:00 PM
RC WoW Tournament 4 1 December Saturday 4:00 PM
RC WoW Tournament 5 8 December Saturday 4:00 PM
RC WoW Tournament 6 15 December Saturday 4:00 PM

How to participate

If you haven’t already, create your RummyCulture account. Log in and you will see one of the tournaments of WoW Season 2 open. upcoming tournaments with date and time. Click on JOIN NOW to block your seat.

Remember to tell your friends and fellow Rummy Players to be a part of these epic Rummy tournaments. It’s a first-ever WoW (Win or Win) event, with assured cash prize for every player.