RummyCulture Superr Referral Festival. Playing cash rummy with your friends just got a lot more rewarding. Invite your friends on RummyCulture so that you and them can earn instant cash. Earn instant cash of flat ₹50 with each friend who downloads the app and registers. Even your friend will also get ₹50 instant cash when they register and verify there mobile number.

SUPERR BONUS: Refer 5 friends and get FLAT ₹250 ₹500 instant cash.


  • Offer is valid for App Registrations only
  • Your friends will get the referral money only after registering their mobile number
  • Mobile devices which have previously been used to create RummyCulture accounts will not qualify for the referral money
  • Offer starts on 13th December  at 00:01 AM (early morning)
  • Offer ends on 16th Dec at 11:59 PM (midnight)

Here’s how it works


Note: All new users must verify their mobile number to get the free referral cash.

Yes, flat instant cash of ₹50 for both you and your referred friend as they verify their mobile number. And if your friends add cash to their account, you will get additional ₹1000 bonus for each friend!

This Superr Referral  festival is live from 13th Dec early morning (00:01 AM) till 16th Dec midnight (11:59 PM). Make sure you refer as many friends as you can in these limited hours.

How much you earn with each referral

Number of friends you refer Instant cash amount you earn
4 ₹200
5 ₹500
10 ₹750
15 ₹1000
20+ ₹1250

How to invite your friends in two simple steps?

Step 1: Click on the Refer icon in the bottom right side in your RummyCulture account.


Step 2:  Invite friend using WhatsApp or SMS or Email


RummyCulture Superr Referral Festival: Terms & Conditions

  • You can refer any number of your friends. You will get ₹50 instant cash each for first 20 referrals only. However, all your referrals, even after 20, will continue to get ₹50 when they register on the app
  • When you refer 5 or more friends successfully, instead of ₹250, you earn total instant cash of ₹500.
  • The additional amount of ₹250 that you get on referring 5 or more friends will be added to your account after the campaign is over. You will however receive ₹50 for each successful referral immediately
  • Both current and new users can refer their friends
  • You do not have to be a cash user to refer your friends. You can refer and get instant cash even if your current account balance is ₹0
  • For both parties to get the instant cash of ₹50, make sure your friend(s) register on the mobile app and verify their mobile number after registration
  • Whenever your referred friends add cash to their RummyCulture account, you will get bonus of up to ₹1000. To know more, check our standard referral policy.
  • This offer is not valid for registrations made on the website. It’s valid for App registrations only
  • Only one account per mobile device is allowed. If more than one accounts have been created through one device, only the account created first will get the referral
  • You can earn a maximum of ₹1250 instant cash, by referring up to 20 friends
  • The offer is valid for registrations done between13th Dec early morning (00:01 AM) till 16th Dec midnight (11:59 PM)
  • All your referred friends will continue to enjoy all our bonus offers (like Welcome Bonus, Happy Hour Bonus, Booster Bonus) once they create their account on RummyCulture
  • The Terms of Service are applicable to all services offered on RummyCulture. Any violation of the Terms at any stage may result in disqualification from receiving the bonus. Other action by RummyCulture as may be deemed necessary as per the Terms of service.
  • The Offer may be withdrawn by RummyCulture at any time.
  • You may read our Privacy Policy for data security related queries.
  • For any Query please write to us on