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It’s time to celebrate your favourite game like never before with the ₹10 CR Utsav Cup. This exciting rummy journey will run from 1st October to 14th November with 38 Daily tournaments and 6 Finales. 

Here’s a list of tournaments that will be every week during the ₹10 CR Utsav Cup: 

Big win every week


This is your first step towards the ₹1 CR Utsav Finale. Enter it now and stay at the top to win a ticket to the Satellite tournament of the Utsav Cup. 


Consider this to be a qualifier for the Daily tournament of the Utsav Cup. Be one of the top performers in this and win a big prize + a free ticket to the Daily tournament. 


As the name suggests, this tournament will live every day. You can enter this tournament by paying a small fee or using the ticket you won in the Satellite tournament. You can not only win a big prize amount every day but also earn a ticket to the ₹1 CR Utsav Finale that will take place every Saturday. 

Ticket to Utsav Finale 

Get a direct entry into the ₹1 CR Utsav Finale through this tournament. The top performers will earn big cash prizes and a ticket to the Finale. Watch out for this one if you haven’t been able to earn the Finale ticket through the Daily tournament. 

Utsav Finale 

With a total prize pool of ₹1 crore, this will be the biggest tournament every week. There will be a total of 6 Utsav Finales between 1st October to 14th November and each of them will have the aforementioned prize pool. 

Get on to the RummyCulture app and start your journey towards the Utsav Finale now!

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