Terms & Conditions for Tournaments

Tournaments Terms & Conditions 

It’s easy to join Rummyculture tournaments. Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to having a great time & earn lot of money.

  1.  Go to Lobby by login or registration on the top navigation panel and select “Tournaments” tab on the screen.
  2.  All tournaments, cash and free roll are displayed here and you can select the one of your choice that you want  to join.
  3.  In the corresponding list of tournaments, simply click on the “Register” button for a tournament that you wish  to join.
  4.  Once you successfully register for a cash tournament, the entry fee of the tournament is deducted from your  account.(only in case Tournament with Entry fee)
  5.  If the maximum number of players has already registered, you will get an option to waitlist.


Details of Rummyculture’s Tournaments

The System randomly places players seat across multiple tables based on the number of players who join a tournament. There maximum & minimum number of participants required for every tournament. The maximum number there can be of 6 players in a table. The value of the prize pool may vary in case of min number of people do not fill in till the time of starting of the tournament. Management reserves the right to cancel or modify the tournament prize pool or any other element without any prior information to the player.

The tournaments are usually first-come-first-serve basis. Registration will open prior to the starting time of tournament and will close 10 minutes prior to the starting time. If the registered player does not show up at the time of tournament, then game will start with his/her seat reserved on auto play mode. If this player misses 3 consecutive turns the player will be considered dropped and game will be over for the player. If he comes before the drop, then the player can continue the game from that point on. When a player registers (whether seats are available or waitlisted), the registration fees will be deducted from their account. Players can even register when all seats are full. They will get waitlisted which is strictly on a first come first serve basis.

Any registered player may withdraw his registration prior to the time of the registrations closure of the tournament. In such a case Waitlist # 1 will get the seat. No cancellations will be entertained if less than 5 minutes are remaining before the start time of the tournament. Waitlisted players who don’t get a seat will get a refund of the registration fee. If tournament is cancelled then full fees will be refunded. Tournament start and cancellation email and SMS will be sent to players.

If the registered player is online on our site and playing any other game, a popup window will be displayed to them indicating that the tournament is about to begin, provided that the player has allowed our popup.



Free Entry Tournaments & Entry Fee Tournaments

  • Each player is allocated a fixed number of tournament chips at the beginning of each round.
  • A fixed number of games will be played by players seated at tables, and the number of games played will be equal to the number of players seated at that table.
  • At the end of each deal, the winner will win tournament chips from all losing players depending on their score.
  • Based on the number of players that qualify from each table, players with higher chip counts will succeed to play in the next round.
  • Each Tournament will have different set of rounds depending on the no of players in the tournament which will be published along the tournament details in the lobby page.

We encourage all players to read & understand all Terms of service before playing at Rummyculture.com.