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Discount Credits For Rummy Players

What are Discount Credits?

You can use Discount Credits to play cash games at a discounted value, with up to 100% discount on your Buy-In. You can easily collect Discount Credits by adding cash or by using Superboost to move Withdrawal Balance to Game Balance. Also, Discount Credits expire only when you don’t play any cash game for a period of 30 days or more.

How do they work?

When you play cash games, the available Discount Credits get applied instantly to offer you a discounted Buy-In. Every time you join a table to play, you’ll be shown a pop-up with the amount of Discount Credits being used.

Special benefits
Register and get Rs. 300 Bonus Add Cash for the 1st time & get Rewards of up to 16,000 + a FREE spin of up to 10,000 Discount Credits.

Offer Construct:

Add cash amount Discount Credits Discount Credits up to Free Spin of up to
₹50 to ₹499 32% 160 10,000 Discount Credits
₹500 to ₹1,999 32% 640 10,000 Discount Credits
₹2,000+ 32% 16,000 10,000 Discount Credits

Terms and Conditions

  • For each deposit, players may be eligible to receive a Discount Credits offer.
  • The offer is valid only for deposits made by players on the RummyCulture website or app.
  • The Discount Credit amount will be limited to the maximum value when a player makes a deposit in the RummyCulture account, as per the respective offer mentioned above:
  • Once a player adds cash, the allocated Discount Credits can be used to play cash games at a discounted Buy-In value.
  • Each Discount Credits offer has a separate activation time and validity. Players must check the ‘Discount Credits’ section for more details. 
  • The minimum amount to be added for availing Discount Credits is ₹50.
  • The offer may be withdrawn by RummyCulture at any time.
  • Terms of services are applicable to all services offered on RummyCulture.

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