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This game involves an element of financial risk & may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk. T&C Apply. For 18+ Only

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Welcome offer

Add Cash Amount GameCash Max GameCash
₹50 to ₹499 200% ₹1000
₹500 to ₹1999 200% ₹4000
₹2000+ 200% ₹10250

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You get ₹20250

3 Tier Protocol

Terms & conditions

  • For each deposit, players may be eligible to receive a GameCash offer.
  • The offer is valid only for deposits made by players on the RummyCulture website or app. 
  • The GameCash amount will be limited to the maximum value when a player makes a deposit in the RummyCulture account as per the respective offer mentioned above: 
  • Once a player adds cash, the allocated GameCash will be used with each game. However, only 10% of the buy-in value will be used in the form of GameCash. For instance, in a game that has a buy-in of ₹100, a player will only pay ₹90 while the remaining ₹10 is utilised from the GameCash balance. This may go on till the entire GameCash balance of a player has been completely utilised.   
  • Each GameCash pack has a separate activation time and validity. Players must check the ‘GameCash’ section for more details. 
  • The minimum amount to be added for availing GameCash is ₹50.
  • The offer may be withdrawn by RummyCulture at any time.
  • Terms of services are applicable for all services offered by RummyCulture.