Terms of Service:


Your use of product and/or services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) offered by Rummyculture and/or its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates and associates (hereinafter referred to as “Rummyculture ” or “We” or “Us” or “Our”) through the website www.rummyculture.com (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) is subject to the following terms of service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”)
Any/every user is required to read all the terms carefully before using our services. All the terms are binding on all the users, who can avail our services only when they are complying to the terms at all times. Users are also required or considered to be fully aware of all the updated or modified or published terms.
In an event where one or more of our terms are determined to be invalid, unlawful for any reason by a judicial or quasi-judicial body in India, the validity or enforceability of our remaining terms will not be affected as they will stay valid and binding on all users.
Any user who doesn’t accept our terms of services can or should stop to use any feature of our website.

A person who is 18 or more years of age is eligible to use our services, however, if a person violates age restrictions, it’s his/her sole responsibility to bear the legal actions that might follow. User is required to understand that our services are available only in India. We don’t offer our services in the states of Assam, Odisha and Telangana in India. We have the privilege to control the access to our services at all times.

User Account and Operation:
To use our services, you are required to complete a registration process with us. During the registration process, you will be needed to fill some mandatory and/or optional sections with information. Once you have completed the registration process, our terms have been accepted by you and now they will be binding on you across all our services. Read Privacy policy for more information.
To maintain security standards, we might require you to validate the correctness of the information provided by you. In an event where you fail to verify the authenticity of your information, we reserve the solemn right to suspend or terminate your account with us. Hence, it is of the utmost importance for you to provide authentic information to the best of your knowledge to play rummy at Rummyculture.

All the transactions made at Rummyculture will be in Indian Rupees. We require you to use your own payment tool to add money in your account with us. You can add as much money you want in your account with us, given it remains in the cap/limit mentioned or modified by us from time to time.
Payments made through credit cards, debit cards, internet banking and cash cards are serviced through a third party payment gateway(s), which is responsible for delays or declined transactions that might occur. We are not accountable for any delays or declined transactions that you may observe at a payment gateway. We reserve the right to cancel any successful transaction at our discretion, following which your payment will be reversed back to your bank account in standard time. Once a payment/transaction is authorized, the funds are credited to your user account and are available for you to play Cash Games.
For withdrawals, we do electronic bank to your prescribed bank transfer. It will as per the defined Terms & conditions.
Player funds are held in trust by Rummyculture in specified bank accounts. We keep all players’ funds unencumbered which will be remitted to you in due course subject to the terms and conditions applicable to withdrawal of funds. Funds held in your user account are held separately from our corporate funds. Even in the highly unlikely event of an insolvency proceeding, you claims on the deposits will be given preference over all other claims to the extent permissible by law.

At RummyCulture all your winnings & Bonus except referral bonus becomes withdrawal balance & can be withdrawn according to withdrawal polices. Your Deposit balance is not liable to become withdrawal balance under any circumstances, Any Disputes related to withdrawal balance will be at the discretion of the management.

Service Connectivity Issues:
You are aware that any internet connectivity issues, disruptions due to your local internet environment, setup of software or hardware on your end are not controlled/corrected by Rummyculture. Hence, the website will not be liable for any halts, breaks or interruptions in your usage of our services.

User Account Suspension and Voluntary Termination
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account with us if we find you violating the terms of our website or breaching security of our website. You understand that our decision to suspend or terminate your services is binding on you.
If the need be, you can opt out of using our services at any point of time by contacting us @ support@rummyculture.com . In such an event, your withdrawable cash balance, analysed following our verification, will be transferred to you via cheque or online transfer.

Breach and Consequences:
If we find any user breaching our security and privacy protocols, following an internal investigation, we may decide to undertake a range of actions, depending upon the severity of the detected breach. We reserve the solemn right to act and take one or more of the following actions:
1. We can stop the services, indefinitely, on a user’s account.
2. We can permanently terminate a user’s account on our website.
3. We can collapse the withdrawable cash in your account.
4. We can demand compensation for the damages occurred because of a breach and even prosecute a user for offensive violations, if the need be.
5. We can bar you from registering on our website in the future.

Complaints and Disputes:
A user with a complaint can approach our customer care team for resolution by writing to support@rummyculture.com . The user with a complaint is required to understand that all complaints and disputes at Rummyculture are to be kept confidential. We will act to resolve complaints in standard time. Any decision taken by Rummyculture, following a complaint, will be binding on the user. Any dispute, controversy or hold against the company shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts at Bangalore only.

Content & promotions

All content and material on the Website including but not limited to information, images, marks, logos, designs, pictures, graphics, text content, hyperlinks, multimedia clips, animation, games and software (collectively referred to as “Content”), whether or not belonging to RummyCulture, are protected by applicable intellectual property laws. Additionally, all chat content, messages, images, recommendations, emails, images sent by any user can be logged/recorded by us and shall form part of Content and RummyCulture is free to use this material in any manner whatsoever.

*RummyCulture’s Claim of ‘India’s most Trusted Rummy Site’ Is completely based of its Users Reviews and acceptances & self assessments. The proof documents can be produced only in case of demand.

The details of various promotions/clubs /tournaments organized on the Website can be found on the Website. Eligibility and applicable conditions for the ongoing promotional programs are provided in the website, which form a part of the Terms. Further Rummyculture reserves the right to cancel or modify the same without prior notice.

Games Rules –

You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of each of the Games. You should ensure that you have read and understood the rules and regulations of the Games. These Game Rules form part of the Agreement and can be found on the ‘Game rules/how to play’ page of the Site. We may, from time to time, make additional Games available as part of the Services. This Agreement will apply to any Game Rules relating to such Games. We will let you know about, and give you the opportunity to read, such Game Rules at the time of introducing additional Games to the Site. We reserve the right to determine the results and winners of each of the Games in accordance with the Game Rules. By registering and/or participating in any Game or tournament you agree by these determinations. We will post lists of winners on the Site following each Game/tournaments.

Fraud & Restrictions –

You can play in all Cash Games/tournament in which you have registered/joined and not use any form of external assistance to play. You shall not add unauthorized components, create or use cheats, exploits, bots, hacks or any other third-party software designed to modify the Website or use any third-party software that intercepts, mines or otherwise collects information from or through the Website or through any Services. Any attempt to employ any such external assistance is strictly prohibited. Formation of teams and collusion between you and any other user(s) for participating in Games organized on the Website or any other form of cheating is strictly prohibited & can appropriate action by Rummyculture.

Anti-Spamming & Money Laundering – Rummyculture strictly prohibits sending spam emails or any unauthorized content along with any practice of money laundering within rummyculture.

Login & Multiple ID’s – Rummyculture strictly prohibits creation of any login name or passwords which violates the rights of any living or nonliving person or place in any format. Rummyculture do not allow any user to have multiple ID’s to either register or play.


Disclaimer & indemnity & Limitation of liability –

The Company “Rummyculture” shall not be liable for any claim, loss, injury, or damages (direct, indirect, incidental or any other kind whatsoever) arising from or in connection with your use of the Services, the Site or the platform. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Agreement, you agree that our maximum aggregate liability for all your claims against us, in all circumstances other than for valid Redemption of any Cash Balance in your Accounts, shall be limited to Rs. 2,000/- only.
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company against any claims, actions, suits, damages, penalties, or awards brought against us by any entity or individual in connection with or in respect of your use of the Services, the Site or the Software.

The Company expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability for any harm resulting from your participation in, or cancellation of, any Game,any activity or transactions with third parties whom you may have connected to through the Services, the Site or the Software, and any User-generated Content, including any violation of intellectual property rights with respect to such User-generated Content.

Intellectual Property All rights, tangible and intangible, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, with regard to the Services, the Site and the platform, and any content or information displayed or contained therein, belong exclusively to the Company, unless expressly provided otherwise. The Company is merely permitting the User to play Games online and not use the same for any other commercial gain, and no right of any nature whatsoever is being passed on the user by virtue of permitting him / her to play the Game. Using the Services, the Site and the platform does not, expressly or impliedly, give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in the Services, Site or Software or the content or information you access. The company hold the rights over any content which may be generated by Users, including but not limited to the contents of chat messages or message boards/forums, you acknowledge that the Company is not responsible for such User-generated Content. You understand that you will be accessing such User-generated Content at your own risk, and will not hold the Company responsible for an obscene, defamatory, illegal or otherwise offensive User-generated Content which may be displayed or accessible.

Mobile Number Verification 

At RummyCulture You are required to validate your Mobile number for playing Cash games. This is to safe guard fraud of any form at RummyCulture. All your information is kept as confidential & not shared with any person or party in given reason. It is a mandatory process for all cash users to follow process of mobile authentication at RummyCulture.

Add Cash 

At RummyCulture You can deposit Upto Rs 20,000 in a day.

For Any query you can write to support@rummyculture.com.