Culture Star Points- Important Update

Dear Culture Club member,

We are making a few changes to the Gameplay Points as well as the Redeemable Points that you earn in the Culture Star Program. Read on to know more about these new changes.

  • From July 2020 onwards, all your earned Redeemable Points will be valid for an extended period of time until further notice. You can use these Redeemable Points to get FreeCash as well as GameCash. The more Redeemable Points you earn, the more rewards you can get. So you can earn more points and redeem them anytime you want.
  • When you collect Gameplay Points, you become eligible for more tier benefits. The more Gameplay Points you earn, the higher your chances to move to the next tier. These Gameplay Points will be valid only for the current month. Any Gameplay Points that you have collected will expire at the end of month unless you redeem them.
  • This month, due to a system error, the Gameplay Points were carried over from the previous month, i.e., June 2020. We have corrected this error and reset your Gameplay Points.
  • For 1st & 2nd July, 2020, we have calculated your earned Gameplay points and replaced them.
  • However, if you have moved up a tier with the Gameplay Points accumulated till today, your progress will be saved. We will honour your progress and not remove you from your current tier.
  • All other benefits will continue, as per usual.