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Deals Rummy is one of the most popular rummy variants. Deals Rummy is played with chips, which are given to each player at the start of the game. The players pay a nominal entry fee to enter a game, The winner gets the chips of the player who is losing at the end of each deal. When all the deals are over, the player with the maximum number of chips is declared the winner of the game.

Rummy Deals Game

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Basics of Deals Rummy you should know!

Deals Rummy is Played with 1 deck of cards on a 2-player table. It is played for a fixed number of deals, and a fixed number of chips are given to every player at the start of each deal.

Each player is distributed 13 cards in no particular order. A wild joker is selected, and a system generated toss is made to choose which player will make the first move. The first card from the pack is placed face up to form the open deck and the remaining cards are placed face down as the closed deck.

How are the winnings calculated?

The players need to arrange all the cards in their hand as per sequences and/or sets by picking a card from the closed or open deck and discarding one of the cards to the open deck on every turn. To win, the players should form at least two sequences, out of which one must be a pure sequence. Once this is done, a card must be discarded to the finish slot to declare the sets and sequences. Easy right? Learn how to form sequence and sets here

Number of chips is based on the number of deals you play. If two players are playing for 2 deals, then the number of maximum points which is 80 is multiplied with 2. Hence, 160 chips are given to each of the two players at the start of the game.

At the end of every deal, the winner gets all chips from the losing players which is decided as per players’ scores. Once all deals are over, players are allotted ranks based on their chip count. The player with the highest number of chip count gets the highest rank. In case of a tie between players, the players with equal chip count must play a tiebreaker game to decide who the winner is.

Drop in Deals Rummy

You can’t drop a deal in 2 player games.
A player is dropped automatically from the game If he/she misses 3 consecutive turns. The score will be equal to the hand score, but capped at 80 points.

So, how are scores calculated in Deals Rummy?

The player who finishes the game first, adhering to all rules, wins the sum of chips from All the losing players.Each card carries a certain number of points. The player who is losing gets points equal to the total of the points of the cards in his/her hand.

The following carry 10 points each:

  • Kings of all the suits
  • Aces of all the suits
  • Queens of all the suits
  • Jacks of all the suits

All the other numeric cards have points equal to their face value. For example, card 6 of each suit carries 6 points and card 7 of each suit carries 7 points. Jokers carry no (zero) points. The scores of losing players are calculated by adding the points of the cards in their hand. If a losing player does not have two sequences, a pure sequence and a pure/impure sequence, then the points of all the cards are added up. If a player has two sequences, a pure sequence and a pure/impure sequence, then, only the points of the cards that are not grouped into sets or sequences will be added up.

Who becomes the winner?

Only one winner gets all the chips at the end of each deal/game in Deals Rummy.
Winner = Sum of the points of all the opponents considering each chip equal to one point.
For example, In 2 players Deals rummy game, the winner gets chips equal to the points which is lost by the losing player. If the losing player loses with 50 points, the winner gets 50 chips. Awesome, right?

How are winning chips calculated?

One chip is equal to one point.
As one winner gets chips from all the losing players at the end of each deal, the winning chips are calculated as Sum of the points of all opponents.

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