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What is Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy allows players to be more strategic as this is a long format game often preferred by skilled rummy players. RummyCulture offers three sub variants of Pool rummy - 61 Pool, 101 Pool, and 201 Pool. Pool rummy can be played among 2 to 6 players. The game starts by choosing a table with a fixed Buy-In, which contributes to the overall prize pool. So, the more the players, the bigger the prize pool of this rummy game.

Pool Rummy
Pool Rummy

During online games on the rummy app, players also get the option to split the pool prize with the remaining players. This option becomes enabled when there are only 2-3 players remaining in the game, and the split is only possible if it's accepted by each player.

Different Types of Pool Rummy

There are 3 sub variants of Pool rummy on RummyCulture - 61 Pool, 101 Pool, and 201 Pool. Each variant has its own score limit, which means that the player whose score exceeds the limit is eliminated. For example, players in 61 Pool need to keep their score below 61, and the same goes for 101 Pool (101 points) and 201 Pool (201 points).

61 Pool Rummy

In 61 Pool, there's a simple rule: if a player's score goes beyond the limit of 61 points, they're eliminated from the game. An eliminated player can rejoin if the scores of other players are below 45. Also, if a player drops on their first turn, they lose 15 points, and 30 points for a mid-drop. There is a penalty of 60 points for making an invalid declaration in the game. In each round, the winner receives 0 points, while the other players get points based on their ungrouped cards.

101 Pool rummy

In 101 Pool, a player is eliminated if their score exceeds the limit of 101 points. Rejoining is possible if the points of other players are below 79. If a player drops on their first turn, 20 points are added to their game score. In the case of a mid-drop, 40 points are added. An invalid declaration costs 80 points.

201 Pool rummy

Pool rummy is one of the variants of 13 card rummy and it can be played among 2 to 6 players with 2 decks of cards. Each player is dealt 13 cards at the start of the game. The main objective of the game is to have the least number of points at the end of the game. To make a valid declaration in the game, the player needs at least 2 sequences (one has to be a pure sequence).

This format follows all general rummy rules. However, here are Important points to keep in mind while playing the sub variants of Pool Rummy.

  • A player gets eliminated from the game if their score exceeds the score limit 61 (in 61 Pool), 101 (in 101 Pool), or 201 (in 201 Pool).
  • The rejoin option gets enabled for the eliminated player if the score of other players is below 45 points (in 61 Pool), less than 79 points (in 101 Pool), or less than 174 points (in 201 Pool).
  • The points of the player who rejoined the game will be equal to the highest points of an existing player +1.
  • The art of dropping out of the game at the right time helps players save a lot of points in the game. Making an invalid declaration costs 60 points (in 61 Pool) and 80 points (in 101 and 201 Pool).

How is the Score Calculated in Pool Rummy

In each sub variant of Pool rummy, the winner of a round gets 0 points, and other players get points based on their ungrouped cards. When calculating the points for ungrouped cards, each card carries a point value in the game. Every card from 2 to 10 is worth its face value, and all face cards, i.e., J, Q, K, and aces, carry 10 points each.

Calculation of points: Table of 2 players (Wild Card Joker is 2♠️)

PlayerHand formedCalculation of points
Player 12♠️3♠️4♠️ ❘5♦️6♦️7♦️ ❘9♣️9♠️2♥️ ❘4♣️4♥️4♦️ ❘ A♦️The player has 2 pure sequences, and 2 sets. So, the points of an ungrouped card will be 10.
Player 210♦️J♦️Q♦️ ❘2♦️ 5♠️ 6♠️ ❘3♣️ 3♠️ 3♥️ ❘J♠️ Q♠️ K♠️Winner

How are Winnings Calculated in Pool Rummy

At the end of each game, the winner wins cash as follows:

Winnings = (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) – RummyCulture fees.

Exclusive Pool Rummy Features on RummyCulture

In case you lose a game, you can still rejoin it by paying the entry fee of that game. Your joining points will be equal to the person holding the highest points in the game + 1. For example – If the highest point is 50, you will rejoin the game with 50+1 = 51 points.

*Rejoin is allowed only if no player is above 79 in 101 pool rummy and 174 in 201 pool rummy and 44 in 61 pool rummy. This also allows rejoined players to have at least one drop chance after he rejoins the game.

Points table for 101, 201 and 61 Pool Rummy.

Cards per player13 Cards
Pure SequencesAt least 1
Minimum Sequences2
Maximum SequencesUp to 4
Minimum Sets0
Maximum SetsUp to 2
Number of DecksUp to 2
Printed Joker in Deck1
Open Card Joker1
Joker UtilizationTo make sets and impure sequences
Game Play TypeReal Cash Rummy and Free Rummy Games
Table Size2 to 6 Player Table
Calculation UnitPoints
Drop AvailabilityYes
Initial Drop Value20 Points for 101, 25 Points for 201 and 15 for 61
Mid Drop Value40 Points for 101, 50 Points for 201 and 30 for 61
Maximum Loss80 Points for 101 and 201, 60 Points for 61
Wrong ShowLoss of 80 Points for 101 and 201, Loss of 60 Points for 61
Next Game Auto StartYes
Empty Seats on TableYes
Number of Deals1
Initially Dealt ChipsN/A
Number of Winners1
Winning HandMake valid sequences and or sets before opponents and declare
Winning the GameMake valid sequences and or sets before opponents and declare
Rebuy OptionYes (If all the players have a drop chance)
Split WinningsYes (Winnings depends on number of drops left)
Winning CalculationLosing Players Points x Point Value

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