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Pool Rummy is a very popular variant of rummy in which each player plays with 13 cards. In this quick paced game, the objective is to score the lowest amount of points. While many people love Pool Rummy, they find the process of arranging the game at their homes quite tedious, due to which they are not able to play as often as they like. A great solution to this problem is playing pool rummy online. In this article, we will explain what is pool rummy, how to play pool rummy and rules of pool rummy.

101 Pool Rummy

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How to play pool rummy?

On Rummy Culture, Pool Rummy is played with minimum 2 and maximum 6 players.

At the beginning of a new game, players are all given 13 cards at random.

There is a wild card that is chosen as the joker in the game. In case the printed joker card is used as the joker, then players can use Ace card of any suit as a joker. You can substitute a joker for any other card. For instance, if you have a possible sequence with the cards 7 and 9, you can use the joker card instead of an 8 and create an impure sequence.

During your turn, you can either pick up a card from the open card deck or the closed deck. When you pick up a card, you must also discard a card from your hand. All discarded cards are visible in a separate tab when you play online, so that you know what other players have rejected.

You must pick up your cards with a specific purpose in mind – either to create a sequence or a set. A sequence refers to consecutive numbers like 5,6,7 while a set refers to the same number from different suites like 9 of diamonds, spades, and hearts. Learn how to make sequences and sets here.

At the end of the game, you must have the least points possible. When you create a sequence or a set, you get awarded 0 points. Other players then receive points on the basis of the cards they hold in their hands. Naturally, you must strive to make a sequence as quickly as possible.

How to play 101, 201 and 61 Pool Rummy?

When playing 101, 201 and 61 Pool rummy, you must keep in mind the following:

In 101 Rummy, players use all the cards from the Ace to the King, along with all 4 suites of the deck. Players play with the printed joker in this variant. With this game, you need to make sure that the other players score points more than 101. A player will get eliminated if he/she reaches 101 points.

In 201 Rummy, players use the same cards as in 101 rummy, however, they need to ensure that the other players score points above 201, while still ensuring that their points are below 201 to win.

In 61 Pool Rummy, a player gets eliminated if he/she reaches 61 points. This is a much faster version of Pool Rummy.

All the other rules of Rummy apply here.

How are winnings calculated?

At the end of each game, the winner wins cash as follows:

Winnings =(Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) – Rummyculture fees.

Exclusive Pool Rummy Features on RummyCulture

In case you lose a game, you can still rejoin it by paying the entry fee of that game.

Your joining points will be equal to the person holding the highest points in the game + 1. For example – If the highest point is 50, you will rejoin the game with 50+1 = 51 points.

*Rejoin is allowed only if no player is above 79 in 101 pool rummy and 174 in 201 pool rummy and 44 in 61 pool rummy. This also allows rejoined player to have at least one drop chance after he rejoins the game.

Points table for 101, 201 and 61 Pool Rummy

Rules for Pool Rummy!
Cards per player 13 Cards
Pure Sequences At least 1
Minimum Sequences 2
Maximum Sequences Up to 4
Minimum Sets 0
Maximum Sets Up to 2
Number of Decks Up to 2
Printed Joker in Deck 1
Open Card Joker 1
Joker Utilization To make sets and impure sequences
Game Play Type Cash and Free Play
Table Size 2 to 6 Player Table
Calculation Unit Points
Drop Availability Yes
Initial Drop Value 20 Points for 101 , 25 Points for 201 and 15 for 61
Mid Drop Value 40 Points for 101, 50 Points for 201 and 30 for 61
Maximum loss 80 Points for 101 and 201, 60 Points for 61 
Wrong Show Loss of 80 Points for 101 and 201, Loss of 60 Points for 61
Next Game Auto Start Yes
Empty Seats on Table Yes
Classic Rummy Types Points Calculation
Number of Deals 1
Initially Dealt Chips NA
Number of Winners 1
Winning Hand Make valid sequences and or sets before opponents and declare
Winning the Game Make valid sequences and or sets before opponents and declare
Rebuy Option Yes (If all the players have a drop chance)
Split Winnings Yes (Winnings depends on number of drops left)
Winning Calculation Losing Players Points x Point Value

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