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       Misconceptions of Card games                               


Most of misconceptions are random that have embedded deep within people who have never played or know less about the card games.So, today we present to you the top myths about card games and bust them together  Read More


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ways to keep yourself busy & earn money at the same time                                                                              

There are times when the work is good phase and money doesn’t flow as much as you need. We want to make the most productive use of the time but don’t know how. To solve your problem, here are some ways in which you will be able to earn money in your free time with absolutely no pressure..Read More


Why it’s important for all of us to play Rummy?   

The Supreme Court of India in the year 1968 has ruled that rummy is a game of skill. This judgment has been relied and followed in many subsequent judgments. In 1996, the Supreme Court of India had also stated that..Read More


        Secret Tips to Win Every Rummy Game                                                                                                                         

When You play Rummy, Only winning comes to your mind & winning comes with lot of strategies & skill and off course within the rules and by far everyone of us agree that every is power pack of entertainment beat its someone’s wrong declarations to your bad luck with cards..Read More


   The Answer to the question – should I play rummy or not?                                                                                      

One of the biggest questions that any rummy player faces when on a game table is always like should you play the hand or drop? We already know that dropping out of the game at the beginning of the game is much safer in terms of points as compared to making a middle drop or dropping out towards the end..Read More


     You will never look at the deck of cards the same way again after reading this!                                             

There is science behind the way the deck of cards are been designed with almost precise accuracy.Customary Deck of the Playing Cards are a veritable and most sophisticated form of a Calendar year. The numbers and values in a deck of cards are very similar to the weeks and months of a calendar Read More


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