5 Things To Check Before Starting A Cash Rummy Game

5 Things To Check Before Starting A Cash Rummy Game

So you have learned everything you needed to learn about playing rummy and are eager to use your skills to pocket some cool winnings? That’s great, but hold on. Have you checked if you are really ready to start playing a cash rummy game?

Don’t worry. Here is a must-see checklist to use before you play rummy for cash. Make sure you all 5 of these are in place, and you’re ready to roll.

Internet Speed

Trust us on this. A bad internet connection can be the biggest enemy of a focused cash rummy player. You won’t want to be seconds away from winning a game, only to face internet issues that spoil it all. 

We recommend that you get a good internet pack, preferably a 4G connection, before you play cash rummy games. Also, be careful to sit in a good network area, whether you’re at home or outside. 


Yes, we all live really busy lives which forces us to multi-task. While this is usually not a problem, trying to play a cash rummy game while you are focusing on something else simultaneously is a bad idea. Play a cash rummy game only when you are fully focused on the game, and nothing else. 

Concentration is the key to doing well in a skill based game like rummy. High concentration levels go a long way in ensuring you are observing every move of your opponents and making informed moves of your own, all very critical to winning a cash rummy game.


Let nobody disturb your game of rummy. Find a nice, peaceful place. Sit comfortably in a good network area. Keep a bottle of water handy. Cash rummy games require enhanced attention span for an extended time. These simple measures will ensure you can play rummy in peace. 

Time Of The Day

Cash rummy may be a tempting proposition, and you may feel like playing it first thing in the morning. We don’t blame you, but do you know the best time to play cash rummy?

Our data shows that evenings are the best time to play rummy. After a hard day’s work, players go back home to relax and spend quality time with their families. After these important things have been done, players go online and begin their game of rummy. Naturally, playing when most rummy players are online is the best thing to do. You won’t want to log in at an odd hour only and then wait for others to come online, would you? 

Instead, play in the evening with everyone else and win your games. Then, brag about it to your friends and see if they join you.

Avoid Repeating Your Mistakes

To err is human. To err again is foolish.

Rummy is a great teacher, and each game will teach you something whether you win or lose. Therefore, it is important to keep your previous mistakes in mind so that you do not repeat them. 

For example, do not hold on to high cards till the very end. Everyone loves the high cards, but one must remember that these cards also mean high points. If one wants to really win the game, one should try and keep the score as low as possible. 

So, make sure you have this simple checklist sorted before you begin your next game of cash rummy. All the best!