How to play Teen Patti online?

How to play Teen Patti online?

Teen Patti is a popular Indian card game that is also known by the name of Flush. The cards a player gets in Teen Patti play a crucial role, however, it is often the betting skills and strategy that defines the destiny of each hand. The main aim of Teen Patti is to get the best three-card hand while growing the pot money till showdown. This game is also played for cash which can get you some quick bucks

Teen Patti can be played online with anyone, and offline with friends and family. This card game is not just popular in Diwali parties or special occasions, but is played for fun in Kitty parties as well as clubs for a thrilling experience. Let’s learn the rules of Teen Patti, so you too can join the league of players, rather than just being a spectator.

 What are the rules of Teen Patti online games?

  • Teen Patti is played with a pack of 52 cards, without Jokers.
  • The game can be played with 3 or 6 players.
  • The ‘Boot’ amount is decided before the cards are dealt.
  • Once Boot is collected, three cards are dealt to each player face-down.
  • The Boot money or chips are placed in the pot at the centre of the game table.
  • The player seated next to the dealer starts the game with the boot.
  • With each move, amount to the boot will be added to the game.
  • The player who stays till the end of the game or has the best or highest hand wins.
  • The winner gets the entire Boot money!

 How is ranking decided in Teen Patti?

  • Trail: Three cards of same rank form a Trail, Ace being the highest trail and 2 being the lowest. This is also known as Set or Trio. For example, A, A, A
  • Pure Sequence: Also known as Straight Flush, three consecutive cards of the same suit form a Pure Sequence. For example, a pure sequence of A, K, Q.
  • Sequence: Three consecutive cards regardless of suit form a Sequence or Run or simply a Straight. For example, A, K, Q.
  • Color: Three cards of same suit that are not in sequence form a Color or Flush. There is a high possibility of clash when it comes to Color, thereby further ranking is decided. First the highest card is considered, then second highest and then third card. For example, A, K, J. If still there’s a tie, then the arbitrary hierarchy of suits is used viz spades (highest), hearts, diamonds, and clubs (lowest).
  • Pair: Two cards of same rank form a Pair. For example, A, A, J. The higher value of Pair is declared the winner, however, in case of clash, the value of kicker (third card) is considered to break the tie.
  • High Card: When three cards do not form a sequence, are not from same suit, and do not even qualify for pair; the winner is decided on the basis of High Card. For example, A♠, K♥, J♦. In case of a matching high card, the next highest card is considered to arrive at the winner.

Difference between Blind Player & Seen Player in Teen Patti

A Blind player is the one who chooses to not see or keep his cards face down before betting.

A Seen player is the one who chooses to see the cards in his/her hand before betting.

How boot is calculated in Teen Patti?

A Blind player has the option to put half of the boot if his previous player is a Seen player. The Blind player can also bet the equal amount as his Seen counterpart. If the previous player also happens to be Blind, then s/he can bet the equal or double of the current boot.

On the other hand, a Seen player who is seated next to a Blind player needs to bet at least double the current stake. S/he can also put four times the current boot. If the previous player is also a Seen, then the player can bet same or double the amount of current boot.

How is the winner decided in Teen Patti?

The winner in Teen Patti is determined in the event of any of the following scenarios:

  1. Only one player remains, while others fold their cards. The last man or woman standing is the winner, regardless of his/her cards in hand.
  2. Only two players are left, and one decides to show. The player with better hand wins the game. In case of a tie, the player who decided to show loses the game, and the one who didn’t ask for show is declared the winner.
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