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Why RummyCulture?

Built‑in features designed for an unmatched gaming experience

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RummyCulture is a hangout place for all Indian Rummy lovers, be it beginners or experts, here one will learn a lot about real cash rummy games.

$250 Million in-app Purchases by Indian Gamers

Who would have thought that online gaming would generate the billions of dollars it is generating today? At least not the 90s kids in India. You see, those were the times when video games were being introduced. You had to have...

Impact of the New GST Policy on Indian Gamers

At the 50th GST Council meeting, it was declared by the Finance Ministry that a 28% GST would be applied to the full value of deposit for online games. The updated GST policy has the potential to influence the participation of high value players on rummy...

How 28% GST on Online Gaming will Impact Indian Rummy Apps

In August 2023, the government announced that 28% GST (Goods and Services Tax) would be levied on real money games which includes app based online gaming. As stated by the Finance Ministry, the new GST law will be effective from 1st October 2023. This tax will be...

What is Speed Rummy Game

Another variation of the rummy game is Speed Rummy, or speed card game as it is most commonly known. Typically, this is played between two and four people using a 52 card regular deck of cards. To get rid of your cards as rapidly as you can is...

Play Rummy, the Mahjong way!

If you like to play rummy, this is for you. Mahjong Rummy is a card game that combines the elements of the popular Chinese game Mahjong and the popular card game Rummy. The game is played with a set of Mahjong tiles, which are similar to playing cards. Each player...

How To Play Canasta Rummy. Learn from RummyCulture

Playing rummy games can be fun and there are different ways to play rummy. One of them is the Canasta Rummy. In this rummy game, one needs to create a meld of seven cards. Being the first player to accomplish the predetermined goal or surpass it is the ultimate goal. It...

Rummikub: Learn all about tile-based Rummy!

Rummikub is a tile-based game that is similar to rummy. It's been around for over 70 years and is enjoyed by people of all ages. The game is perfect for family game night or gatherings with friends. If you've never played Rummikub, now is the perfect time to try...

Learn how to play the Oklahoma rummy game

Rummy, being such a popular game played all over the world, has become a versatile game with numerous variations. One such popular variation is Oklahoma Rummy. The basics of the Oklahoma Rummy Game If you know how to play rummy and gin, then a game of Oklahoma...

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