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Indian rummy is a very popular game played by people from all across the country. From Diwali parties to online tournaments, rummy has found its place in millions of Indian households over the years. RummyCulture has been one of the key players in bringing Indian rummy to everyone. It not only offers all the popular variations of cash rummy, but also practice matches for beginners to be able to learn the game. All a player needs to do is sign up on the RummyCulture app to be able to access free rummy games. Players can also use the option called “Best Grouping” during practice matches to learn the best possible moves for their hand.

Rummy is a very lucrative game for professional players. It presents many opportunities for players to test not just their rummy skills, but also other transferable skills such as quick thinking and probability analysis. Beginners should always go for free/practice games to be able to learn the rummy game hands-on. The RummyCulture app also shows some tips to help improve one’s game.

How to Get Started with Free Rummy Games

To play rummy online for free, start by downloading the RummyCulture app from either the website, Google Play Store, or App Store on iOS.

Downloading RummyCulture App from the website:

  1. Go to
  2. You will see a section to enter your mobile number. Enter your number then click on “Get App Link”.
  3. You will receive a link via SMS to download the RummyCulture app.

Downloading RummyCulture App from Play Store or App Store:

  1. Search for “RummyCulture” on Play Store/App Store.
  2. Select the right app.
  3. Tap Install.

It’s very simple to get started with RummyCulture. Players start by adding some basic information like name, contact number and email address on the app. Then, the player must enter the OTP sent to the listed number. This ensures that the profile is genuine.

After this initial verification, you are all set to start playing free rummy games.


Follow these steps to play a rummy game on the RummyCulture app:

  1. Open the RummyCulture app.
  2. Enter your mobile number to start registration.
  3. You will receive an OTP to confirm your number. Enter this OTP and sign up.
  4. You can access the lobby and start with free rummy games for practice.

Access to Lobby for Free/Practice Rummy Games

After your registration is complete, you will have access to the RummyCulture lobby. Here, you can find the different types of games and tournaments. On the left you will see 3 options - Cash Rummy Game, Rummy Tournaments and Practice Rummy Games.

For free rummy tournaments:

Tap on “Tournament”. Another menu will appear on the right. In that, there’s an option called Free Tourney. Here, you can register for free tournaments.

For practice rummy games:

Tap on “Practice”. Select the type of rummy game you wish to play. All games listed here are free to play.

Different Types of Free Rummy Games

There are many variations or formats of rummy. On RummyCulture, you will find Points, Pools, and Deals formats, all of which follow different sets of rummy rules and offer different challenges. Each player starts with 5 lakh chips, which are used to play free games.

Points Rummy

Points is a popular format of free rummy in RummyCulture. It is one of the faster variations of rummy online, as there’s only one deal in each game.

Each point is equal to 1, 10, or 20 chips. Your total Buy-In would depend on the maximum points you can lose in a game.

For example, let’s say in a 6-player game, 1 point = 10 chips, and you can lose a maximum of 80 points.

So, your Buy-In would be: 80 × 10 = 800 chips.

If you drop as soon as the deal begins without drawing a card, you lose 20 points (or 200 chips, in this case). Dropping midway would cost you 40 points (or 400 chips). Sometimes, dropping is a strategic move used by pro players to minimize their losses if they are not confident with their hand.

The winner (the player who makes the first valid declaration) gets chips worth all the remaining players’ points.

So, in the end if the combined total of the losing players’ points is 200, the prize would be: 200 × 10 = 2000 chips.

Since this game is dependent solely on individual points, winnings can vary in each deal.

Pool Rummy

In RummyCulture, Pool rummy comes in 3 formats: 61 Pool, 101 Pool, and 201 Pool. There is no limit on the number of deals; players are eliminated from the game when their score reaches 61 (in 61 Pool), 101 (in 101 Pool), or 201 (in 201 Pool). These games have a fixed Buy-In and the prize pool is calculated as follows:

Total prize pool = (No. of players) × (Buy-In)

So, if 6 players play for a Buy-In of 25 chips, the prize pool would be: 6 × 25 = 150 chips.

The winner takes the full prize, or, in a 6-player match you may get an option to split the reward with the remaining players. This option is only available when 2 or 3 players remain on the table and ALL of the remaining players have to accept the proposal to split for it to happen. The prize is then divided proportionately, based on who is leading with the least number of points.

For example, if the prize pool is 150 chips and now 2 players remain, they may get the option to split the prize based on their individual points. If both players accept the proposal, they can both take some portion of the winnings and the game ends.

RummyCulture offers you the option to rejoin in case you lose a game. You can rejoin by paying the entry fee of that game again. However, the rejoin option is only available if all the remaining players have less than 45 points (in 61 Pool), less than 79 points (in 101 Pool), or less than 174 points (in 201 Pool).

Your joining points will be equal to the player holding the highest points in the game + 1. For example – if the highest point is 20, you will rejoin the game with 20 + 1 = 21 points.

Deals Rummy

RummyCulture offers 2 formats of free Deals rummy: 2 players-2 deals and 6 players-3 deals. The Buy-In for both of these formats is 250 chips. Here too, the total prize pool = (No. of players) × (Buy-In)

So, if 6 players participate, the prize pool would be: 6 × 250 = 1500 chips.

In this format of rummy, the number of deals in one game is predetermined and all the players start with the same number of points.

The points at the beginning of the game are calculated as: (No. of deals) × (

Maximum points a player can lose in a single deal).

So, for a 6 players-3 deals format, all players would start with 3 × 80 = 240 points. Similarly, for a 2 players-2 deals format, both players would start with 2 × 80 = 160 points.

At the end of each deal, the winner gets points equal to the ungrouped cards of the remaining players. Players lose 20 points when they drop on their first move, and 40 points when they drop midway.

The winner is the player with the highest number of points at the end of all the deals. But unlike Points rummy, the winner takes all and there is no option to split the winnings.

Prize Pool Rummy Tournaments with Free Entry

There are many free rummy tournaments on RummyCulture, where players stand a chance to grab free Discount Credits and even real cash. These free rummy tournaments take place daily, weekly or monthly, with the prize pool going up to 21 lakh!

Tournaments have a huge number of participants and multiple winners. To access these free rummy tournaments, choose the “Tournament” option on the left hand side of the lobby > Free Tourney.

You will find that some of these rummy tournaments are ready to join, while others are upcoming. You can choose to be waitlisted (if all the seats are gone) or to be notified for upcoming tournaments. When you tap on the “Notify Me” option, a pop-up would require you to give calendar access to RummyCulture, so that the app can remind me once the registrations open.

In compliance with Google Play Store regulations, a player must verify their identity for joining free tournaments. They can get themselves verified using Aadhar, Driver’s Licence, or Voter ID. Don’t worry, it is not necessary to add any cash to the rummy app after verification. The verification takes less than 30 seconds and you’re all set to play free tournaments.

Benefits of Playing Free Rummy

Playing on RummyCulture offers a plethora of thrilling opportunities to its players. Different formats require different skill sets; the fast ones require players to be quick-witted, and the longer formats test patience and long-term planning.

Playing rummy online for free can really help build some critical skills that can help in everyday life, while having fun. Rummy requires a combination of skills such as:

  • Strategic decision making, by studying opponents' moves
  • Quick thinking, because rummy is a timed game
  • Memory and probability assessment, based on the cards opponents pick and discard
  • Adaptability to quickly change strategies as needed

Skills aside, it is the thrill and the adrenaline rush that makes rummy an exciting game for everyone. These skills are also largely transferable for real-world situations, especially in leadership roles.

Journey from Free Rummy Games to Real Cash Rummy Games

With 5 lakh practice chips to start, players have virtually unlimited opportunities to play every format of rummy on RummyCulture and polish their skills. Once players are confident in their rummy abilities, they can look at playing real cash rummy too.

Real cash rummy is exciting and highly rewarding, and on RummyCulture one can play in big tournaments where the winners can grab lakhs of rupees.

Free Rummy Games Online FAQs

Listed below are the frequently asked questions by rummy players for Free Rummy:

How many free rummy games can I play on RummyCulture?

With 5 lakh practice chips at your disposal, you can play as many free games as you like. You can use these chips for practice games across all formats- Points, Pools, and Deals.

How can I make the best of free rummy tournaments on RummyCulture?

Free rummy tournaments on RummyCulture offer a highly competitive environment and help you develop a real-world understanding of the game. Tournaments are longer in their duration, with multiple rounds. Hence, they test your patience and strategic thinking. You can also win Discount Credits in most free tournaments on RummyCulture, which can be used to play cash games for free!

Can I play free rummy games without adding cash to my account?

Yes! You can play free rummy games without adding any cash to your account. However, to play free tournaments and in compliance with Google Play Store regulations, you would be required to verify your identity using either Aadhar, Driver’s Licence, or Voter ID.

Can I win real money by playing with practice chips?

When you play with practice chips, your winnings are also in practice chips. However, free tournaments do not require practice chips to join and often have Discount Credits as rewards, which can be used to play real cash games.


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