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Cash Rummy and Poker: The Major Differences and Similarities

Cash Rummy and Poker: The Major Differences and Similarities

Rummy Game is one of the most popular card games in the world, but Poker is also equally popular. They both have online and offline versions and have millions of expert players across the world. But Poker is one game that is also dependent on a person’s luck as much as it depends on their skills and strategy. Whereas cash Rummy is a popular game in India because it does not involve any luck. If you know how to play Rummy and develop your skills with time, you stand a clear chance to win. 

If you are a cash Rummy lover, there is a high chance that you have also wondered about playing a little Poker. We can understand why. As both of these card games are strategy-based, they have a lot of similarities and differences. In this article, we will make a detailed comparison of these two beloved games. We will try to find more similarities and differences between the two games than the obvious commonality of being played with a minimum of two players and 13 cards. Come, let us find out more. 

The Origin of Cash Rummy

The origin of Cash Rummy is said to be pretty recent compared to Poker. But for this game as well, there are multiple theories of origin. Some historians say that it originated in the Mexican lands in the 1890s and was called the Conquian game. But another theory of origin says that this game was invented in Asia as a version of Mahjong. They believe that the Western people adapted it and made it into the present-day Rummy game

The Origin of Poker

It is said that Poker is a very old card game that originated some 1000 years back. But it is believed that it first originated as a domino-based card game during the 10th Century AD and was invented by a Chinese emperor. But some historical researchers have also said that Poker might be a descendant of a card game from Persia called the As Nas. This line of historians says that the Poker game was invented in the 16th Century. 

The popular Poker game currently played across the world and in most casinos and online sites are said to have originated in the 1800s only. This current version of the game is supposed to have originated somewhere around the Mississippi River, where there were a lot of gambling houses, and many players played this game. 

Differences between Rummy and Poker

So, what are the differences between Poker and a Rummy game? Let us find out. 

Variants of the games

Poker mostly has three types of game variants that are popular in online games and in casinos. These are stud games, draw games and community card games. But there are about four different types of basic Rummy games, namely 13 Card Rummy, 21 Card Rummy, and Gin and Contract Rummy. But with new-age developments, both of these games are coming up with new versions and variations each day, and card players are absolutely loving it. 

Rules of the game

The rules for any Rummy game are much simpler and easier to understand than that of a Poker game. The rules of a Poker game are much more complex, and players need a lot of time to understand them. Whereas, if you are a card game lover, then understanding Rummy can be very easy for you. Hence, Poker can be hard for beginners to understand. 

Game strategy 

In any Rummy match, your game strategy and critical thinking are the most important factors in winning a game. Once you get your card, you need to see and analyze them and then move forward with your next moves. 

On the other hand, in Poker, though you can plan and strategize, a lot of it also depends on luck. If you are dealt a bad hand from the beginning, it can be very hard to win. 

Similarities between Rummy and Poker

What are the most prominent similarities between Cash Rummy and Poker? Check them out. 

Number of players

Both Cash Rummy and Poker need at least two players to conduct their games. But the number of players can extend up to five or six players, depending on which platform you are playing on. 

Fold and drop 

In any Poker game, the player has a chance to fold their hand any time they want. This indicates that they want to opt-out of the game since they may feel that they have a losing hand. But folding makes them lose any claims there are in the pot.

Similarly, when a player chooses to drop in Rummy, it means they are choosing to move out of the game because they have a bad hand. This also gives the player penalty points and they win no money. 

Other unique similarities 

Another major similarity between Poker and Rummy is showing the cards in your hand when you win. Both of these games also have a dealer who is the central person conducting the game, and they deal out the cards to all players. 

Parting Thoughts 

No matter which game you play, it is always advisable to start playing with small investments and small cash to avoid losses. Learn and master all the skills before you go on to play real cash rummy or poker games. Choose wisely and enjoy it. All the best!


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